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Savannah Grable

[Address, City, ST ZIP Code] | [Telephone] | [Email] [Date] [Recipient Name] [Title] [Company] [Address} [City, ST ZIP Code] Dear Portfolio Evaluators,

I am writing this cover letter to inform those applicable of my intentions to provide an adequate and exemplary senior portfolio that will be heartily approved. My goal is to demonstrate how much I have benefitted from high school, both as an individual and as a prospective college student. I will also briefly demonstrate useful skills that I can apply to my post-high-school education. I want to pursue outlets pertaining to music and possibly computer science, and I believe the courses I have taken while at BCMHS have provided me with the basic ideas of how to do so. I intend to graduate in the top percentile, even though I got a B in my College Composition class. I believe my hard work has truly demonstrated that I am and have always been dedicated to doing my best. I feel that my GPA and list of accomplishments reflects this. As a musical individual, Vocal Ensemble has provided me with necessary skills to be successful in whatever vocal career I pursue. It has taught me to be part of a team and to learn to work alongside all types of people, despite any personal differences. Participating in Vocal taught me to work with a large group of people to achieve the common goal of mastering music. I plan to use these skills in whichever collegiate courses I choose to take, and I am excited to apply all that I have learned musically from this class to future classes. As a member of Student Leadership for two years, I learned not only to take charge and be a leader when necessary, but to also simply ask how I may be useful. I learned to lead when needed, and to follow when lead. I also learned the valuable life skill of resolving disputes in a civil and diplomatic manner, and to balance personalities within small groups of individuals. I learned how to be a team player whilst also learning how to be a team leader. All of these skills can be useful not only in college, but in my future relationships no matter where I go. These leadership skills can be useful in family relationships, work environments, and college classes. After graduation, I intend to find a job that pays well to save up for books and courses at a Community College or a JC. Im considering both Sac City and Solano Community College. I have already taken courses at Solano, so this seems like the most accessible option currently. I will enroll in classes in the fall of 2014, to start courses in January of 2015. I will complete my general education courses, with the intention to major in music and minor in computer sciences. After two years of general education and computer science courses, I will most likely transfer to a UC or CSU. Im looking at William Jessup University, with the possibility of a vocal music scholarship. This is most likely where I will complete my music major, hopefully in the Vocal Arts and a possible degree in theory. I am also interested in Azusa Pacific and possibly Sacramento State. In closing, I would simply like to add that I am truly grateful for all of the life experience that Buckingham has equipped me with throughout the four years that Ive been here. Ive truly enjoyed learning under some of the wisest teachers out there, and I believe that the skills theyve taught me are ones that I can and will carry with me past high school. I look forward to the approval of my portfolio and with it my official launch into my future as a student prepared for success. Sincerely, Savannah Grable.