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Project synopsis contents: Here are contents of project synopsis:


2. Objective

3. Investigation on current system

4. Modifications and improvement over the existing implementations.

5. Software development methodology followed

6. Operating system, Tools/Technologies to be used for implementation of project.

7. Team involved

8. your role

9. Name, address & qualification & signature of guide.

10. List of references

Software Project Report Should Contain

A. TITLE PAGE( Title, Student info, Incharge info, Course)

B. Certificate of college

C. Certification of client ( For live projects only)

D. Acknowledgement

--------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Introduction of the project

2. Requirements

3. System Development methodology used

4. About Frontend

5. About Backend

6. Other Tools Used

7. ER diagram, Dataflow diagram / UML DIAGRAMS

8. Database Tables if used

9. CODING (optional)


12. Reports Generated

13. Testing Techniques/methodologies followed

14. References / Bibliography

Below Some Of The Project Ideas Most Suitable For Computer Science Engineering Students

Mini Software Projects

1) Healthcare systems connecting at various terminals to get the information (ASP/ASP NET, SQL server ) 2) Digital parking system (VB NET + Access) 3) News Portal System (ASP NET + SQL server) 4) Preventing Network Data congestion Collapse using Network Border Patrol (Java) ABSTRACT 5) Sending & receiving SMS-through-vb 6) HelpDesk and Fund raising system at the time of emergency like floods, earthquakes (VB/VB NET ,SQL server )Wireless accessing the WAP site (WML, GPRS handset, simulator) 7) Client Monitoring System (Java) 8) Fruit Management System (VB MS ACCESS) 9) Portfolio Management (VB) 10) XML Editor using VB Net Web Based Sudoku 11) SMS Gateway (Java) 12) Data Search Optimization (VB NET/ASP Net Sql Server /Oracle g) 13) RIVA- Real Time Image Viewing and Acquisition Cryptography Optical Computer 14) VOICE MAIL USING Java 15) Cyborg (HTML/FLASH MX / JAVASCRIPT ) 16) Health Information System (ASP Net/ Sql Server ) 17)Hotel Management system 18) CD library management (RFID) 19) Library Management System 20) Student Smart Card Application (VC++, MS-ACCESS) 21) Using your mobile miss call as password (VB, / net) 22) Generic Reporting Tool (Java) 23) E-insurance (JAVA) 24) Online mailing Application (VB Net/ASP NET Ms Access /PLSQL) 25)Examination result according to the classes 26) Motion detector using MATLAB 27) Telephonic Resulting System (VC++,VB)

28) MIS (VB Net) 29) Error detection in Digital communication (Channel encoder and decoder) 30) Cross Compiler (C/C++) ABSTRACT 31)VLSI and ULSI

Artificial Intelligence 1) CRM-customer relationship management (VB Net and Oracle) 2)Mini Blog 3) Number Plate Recognition 4) Image Codec (Matlab) 5) Image Restoration using Iterative Wiener Filter Click here for MATLAB Project details Computer Telephony Integration 6) RH Criteria Simulator (Visual Basic ) 7) Finger Print Scanning :: ATM finger print (ASP Net Sql Server ) 8) Criminal Identification System (MATLAB + VB + Access) 9) Tourism information (ASP Net Sql Server ) 10) Facial Image Compression (Visual Basic MS Access) 11)Mobile computing 12) Electronic banking (Servlet) 13) Road Way Mapping System (Java) 14) Java parallel processing framework (Java) 15)Admission procedure 16)Online passport registration 17) Video Compression & Decompression 18) Java-RMI-chat 19) Banking S/W accessing with the help of biometrics technology (VB net and access H/W:Fingerprint scanner) 20) H/W troubleshooter and its solution (VC# Net/ VB and MS-access) 21) ANN based load shedding 22) Railway Reservation System 23) Pattern Detection using Web Log Data (VB)

24)Creation of a sniffer and a port scanner 25) Finger Print Scanning :: Banking Application (VB Net/VB Sql Server /MS ACCESS ) 26) Electronic shopping (Servlet) 27)Data mining 28)Networking 29) Alumni club for your college: real hosting and usage (VB NET, JavaScript/JAVA, sql server )

Airborne internet 30)You can develop a LAN administrator tool (socket programming comes easy in VB) which will monitor application on a LAN and provide functions 31) E-Library Management System 32) Home automation using mobile (SMS) 33) Unified modelling language editor as a tool (Java) e-Learning Portal (Java, XML) 34) Smart Stock Application (VB net) 35) e-SCM: Supply Chain Management Solutions for a distribution company (ASP/ASP NET ,sql server ) 36) NAT 37) Process Optimization using ANN (Java) 38) Facial Recognition 39) Finger Print Scanning of criminals (VB, MS Access) 40) Voice operated PC Applications (VB) 41) Blood Bank Management System (VB /VB Net MS access ) 42)Interfacing alphanumeric LCD x using VB 43) Bode Plot Simulator (Visual Basic ) 44) Interactive Classroom For College (VB NET + SQL k) 45) On-line image processing (Java) 46)Development of HTTP Caching Proxy Server (Java) 47)Mobile Apps iPhone, Android and 48) Message conversion tool (ASP NET + SQL K) 49) Video transmission over network (Java) 50) Root Locus Simulator (Visual Basic )

51) Herwitz Determinant Simulator (Visual Basic ) 52)Digital image processing and pattern recognition 53) CD Return System (VB NET + Access) 54) Salary Information System (VB/VB NET/ASP Net Sql Server ) 55) Animation Engineering (Flash MX, ASP) 56) File transfer & LAN-chat (wired & wireless) (Java) 57)Pizza hut - account management system 58) CBIR System 59) Sports Information (ASP NET MS SQL SERVER WML,GSM) 60) Online Discussion Forum (Java Servlet) 61) Online Shopping (ASP MS SQL SERVER) 62)Grid Networking

Neural Networks 63) Stepper motor controlling using (VB,C,C++) 64) 3D Gaming 65) Intelligent Search Engine (Java, XML) 66) Duplicate Bill on Internet & Bar Code Generation (VB net) 67)Nano technology 68)Avionics 69) ERP implementation ( net) 70) Standardization of Inspection Quality Plans and Resource Nomenclature (Java) 71) Agile Manufacturing using Genetic Algorithm (Java) 72) WISDOM : Web Intra Page Informative Structure Mining Based on Document Object Model (Java) 73) Timetable generation (user will input subjects, faculty times, class room times) : User will also input subject seriality and topics to be taken for the week 74) Finger Corporate Authentication System with photo identification (VB NET + MS Access) 75) Process & flow tracking for biomass distribution project (VB) 76) Banking Software to access the information at various levels with complete security (ASP NET, SQL Server )

77)Voice Recognition and Translation DBMS/SMS/E-COMMERCE 78) University Admission System (Java + SQL k) 79)Multi player strategy game: Project ideas on Visual basic,Java,Database 80) Sending SMS with internet (Java) 81) Sending email with internet (Java) 82) E-VPN (e-Virtual Private Network) (Java Servlet) 83)Green Energy and Green Computing 84) Speaker recognition using MEL frequency 85) Sending mail using VB 86) Dynamic Information System (C# Net Net framework, HTML, java-script) 87) Core Banking (Java, Oracle) 88) Personal Stock Index Monitoring Trading & Forecasting (Java) 89) Motion Detection for security system (Java) 90)Ice cream parlour management system 91) Crime Monitoring System: Major level of crime to be minimized by displaying the records online and read the records at every level with updating from admin level only (VB/VB NET ,SQL server ) 92) JPEG Encoder 93) Bank Account Access System (Java + VB Net + Access) 94) Job Recruitment Scheme (ASP NET + Access) 95) Image Enhancement 96) Complete e-commerce solution for a web based store with searching, shopping, payments, order processing etc (ASP/ASP NET, SQL server ) 97)Creation of a DMZ 98) IDS Internet Distributed System (Java) 99)Bio metrics in secure e-transactions 100)Cell Phone Jammers 101) Remote desktop system (Java)

BioMetrics 1) Still image compression using JPEG/JPEG

2) Lab Attendance students using finger print scanner (VB/VB NET/ASP Net MSACCESS/ SqlServer k)

OTHERS 1) PATAL (Java) 2)NFC in Mobiles For Shopping 3) Automation using internet (controlling equipments ) (Java) 4) Student Information Systems (V B , C# Net) 5) CRM solutions (Java/ ASP Net Sql Server ) 6) Online Banking Systems (C# +ASP) 7) Recruit Active System

You can develop a speech response application using some hardware interface using the Microsoft SAPI SDK 8) Effort & billing tracking system for IT Projects (VB/SQL Server) 9)Web Based Attendance Management System

Data Warehousing 1) Credit card approval system (VB)

ROBOTICS 1) Image Stenography (Java ) Data Storage 1) Courier Information System (Visual Basic MS Access ) 2)Voice Mail Systems 3) Character recognition using ANN (Artificial Neural Network) 4)Finger print, Retina Scanner and Other Security Systems 5)Registry Editor 6) Assurance allocation technique using mobile agent (Java) 7) ERP System (VB Net) ABSTRACT 8) CRM for Airlines Industry (VB/VB Net)

Reference: http://seminarprojects.com/Thread-mini-projects-for-computer-science-students#ixzz2e6Ywa0oG

Computer Science Project Topics (Latest) For Students

1. A Framework for web-enabled distributed GIS 2. Integrating Perceptual and Cognitive Modeling for Intelligent Human Computer Interaction 3. Tracking and Analysis of Advertisements in Soccer Video 4. Intrusion detection, confinement and recovery in database systems 5. Low power VLSI Design (Hardware) 6. Grid middleware design and performance evaluation (Hardware) 7. Histogram Generation from the HSV Color Space 8. Building Delay Tolerant Peer-to-Peer Networks 9. Human color perception in the HSV space and its application in histogram generation for image retrieval 10. Analysis, Monitoring & Management of Network Traffic 11. Design and implementation of an automatic program evaluation system 12. Security of middle-tier components in distributed applications 13. A Soft-decision Histogram from the HSV color space for video Shot Detection 14. An architecture for web-based delivery of software as a service 15. Microsoft Lab Setup (PI) (Hardware) 16. A Mobile Agent based Transcoding Framework (co-PI) 17. Collaborative Computing using Intelligent Agents (co-PI) 18. Speeding up Web Access using Weighted Association Rules 19. Analysis and Assessment of Network and System Security 20. Privacy Protection in Association Rule Mining 21. Performance-Oriented Test Coverage Models for Testing Object-Oriented Programs 22. Middleware for Building Mobile Agent based Distributed Applications (PI) 23. Data Mining in the Soft Computing Paradigm 24. Handling Anomalies and Misbehaviors in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (co-PI) 25. Coordinated problem solving through resource sharing in a distributed environment

26. Delivering Software as a service 27. Leakage Current Mechanisms and Control for DSM/UDSM VLSI Circuits 28. Trails of the Killer Tsunami: A preliminary assessment using satellite remote sensing technique Reference: http://seminarprojects.com/Thread-computer-science-project-topics-latest-forstudents#ixzz2e6WLWLDz