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FOUNDED: 1962 (Registered under the Professional Bodies Decree NRCD 143 of 1973 with Registration No. PB 21 dated 2nd August, 1986)

PRESIDENT: Albert A. K. Fynn (Mr.) SECRETARY: Korklu A. Laryea (Ms.) OUR REF: GLA/2011/AGM1

P.O.BOX GP4105 Accra. Ghana

19th Oct., 2011

Dear Colleague, Invitation to the 2011 Annual General Meeting and Seminar On behalf of the GLA Council, I write to invite you to the AGM and Seminar for 2011 under the theme, Reading, Information Literacy and Libraries. Venue: Ghana International Trade Fair, La Time: 4th Nov., 2011 Registration fees (per participant): 100.00 (one hundred cedis) for paid up members; *Students pay half of the above amount; 150.00 (one hundred and fifty cedis) for non-members; 250.00 (two hundred and fifty cedis) for foreign participants. The participation fee covers seminar materials, snacks and lunch. The fee does not cover accommodation and members are encouraged to make their own arrangements for accommodation if need be. All those interested in attending this years event should communicate this to the Secretary by 31st Oct., 2011, by email to abayie.laryea@gmail.com. The Conference and AGM fees may be paid prior to the AGM into the GLAs account and pay in slips sent to the Treasurer, Mr. Emmanuel Agyapong, National College of Banking. His e-mail addresses are agyapong@rocketmail.com and emintumah@gmail.com.

Account details are as follows: Bank Branch Account name Account Number

Standard Chartered High Street (Accra) Ghana Library Association 0100100589300

Details of GLAs activities during this event will be forwarded to you later. Yours sincerely,

Korklu A Laryea (Ms) Secretary