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Supporting the Miami-Dade Police Department

Alicia Caraballo

Introduction: The Problem

To win votes for mayor, Carlos

Gimenez promised to cut taxes for Miami-Dade County residents.

After his election, he kept his

promise by cutting the MDPDs budget.

The PBA (Police Benevolent

Association) denied the cuts, but Gimenez threatened to give out pink slips to over 100 officers.
Both parties sat down for a long

deliberation, and finally came to an agreement.

Introduction: The Problem

Officers soon saw reduction of bi-weekly salaries.

Increase of Healthcare payment from 4% to a record 9%.

$100 per month payment of take-home vehicles.

50% decrease in overtime pay.

Paid holidays decreased from 12 to just 2.

Specialized units (cargo, auto-theft) have been shut down. Police Officers are retiring early and the department isnt hiring.

Sociocultural Consequences
Fewer officers patrolling

the streets.
Officer safety is now

Police morale has

Crime rate increase. Longer police response


Economic Consequences
Financial hardship for

Financial hardship for victims

of home invasions, burglaries, and robberies.

Less county revenue in court

costs due to lack of arrests.

More changes to budget

from lack of revenue.

Solution: What Should be Done

County-wide campaign to

raise awareness of the budget cuts.

Improve the negative view

of police officers.
Community activities

where residents can meet officers and gather information.

Q&A Sessions Demonstrations

Solution: Addressing the Problem

Generate community support.
Convince Mayor Gimenez to change budget

Improvement of police morale. Residents working hand-in-hand with officers.

Goals: Campaign Materials

Surveys and questionnaires for residents and police

Billboard and print ads leading to a website with more

A petition on the website that can be shared through

social media.
Bi-weekly meet-and-greets with police officers at

parks and stations.

Goals: Strategies
Emphasize personal safety to enlighten citizens of the

possible consequences of the budget cuts.

Videos on website with officers discussing the importance

of a well-funded police department.

Up-to-date crime rate statistics on website. Testimonials from crime victims on website. Create an emotional bond between officers and the

community with meet-and-greets.

Goals: Results
Uneasiness from the ads will

rouse residents to view the website and sign the petition.

Word will spread of community

restlessness and newscasts and/or documentaries will start to air.

Bond created at meet-and-

Residents will urge Mayor

Gimenez to change his budget.

Mayor will change the budget,

or get the boot!

Campaign Timeline
Campaign will run from 6 months to a year, or

until modifications of the budget are made.

Police meet-and-greet activities twice a month for

allotted time-frame at multiple locations.

Number of ad locations to increase during

campaign in order to let Mayor Gimenez know the public realizes this is an issue.

Mayor Gimenez will take more from officers if residents are

Once residents find out their safety is jeopardized, they will be

happy to urge the mayor to change the budget.

Everyone will be happy.
You can help residents feel theyve made a change. You can help decrease crime rates. You can help discourage criminals!

Thank You!