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JKC New Website Address To increase the employment rate and to develop ones skills, Government of AP came forward

with this Jawahar Knowled e Center !JKC" pro#ect$ The response from the st%dents so far is &%ite impressive and they are e'pectin the same res%lts in f%t%re too$ (t helps the candidates to et into corporate world by ivin proper camp%s coachin and it acts as a brid e between (T ind%stry and academia$ They are handlin several parallel pro#ects to improve the standards of learnin of the st%dent in both academically and professionally$ #kc website Jawahar Knowled e Center !JKC" providin many Job )pport%nities for the *t%dents$JKC is an innovative and pioneerin initiative that attracts the best st%dents from all over the state, providin them with a world class infrastr%ct%re and opport%nities to apply their knowled e to the challen in problems$ The fac%lty who were approve to train the st%dents are well ood eno% h in knowled e$

(n order to et their co%rse material and the trainin that they are offerin for professional st%dents, one sho%ld pay the co%rse amo%nt in advance$ +embers of JKC will approach well facilitated colle es and they inform to all the st%dents abo%t their sched%le that they are oin to take in the respective colle e$ Candidates can even re ister themselves online by visitin JKC new website$ They fre&%ently chan e their web address and st%dents are ettin conf%sed where to et re ister to avail JKC membership$ Now they are with apcce$ ov$in$

Apart from re istration process of JKC, old %sers can access their panel by lo in into JKC new website with their lo in credentials$ We recommend yo% to visit JKC website fre&%ently to know the placement details$ They even offer online test to assess themselves the standards in aptit%de and reasonin etc$ ,all Tickets for the placements that were held on behalf of JKC can be downloaded from the same website$

JKC New Website -pdated