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Annual Income

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Mr. Devi Prasad Sangroula (Father of the applicant) and Mr. Raj Kumar Sangroula (Brother of the applicant) are residents of i!ni "irta #DC$ Ward %o&'($ Parsa$ %e!al and have following sources of income.

S.N Sources of Income ". Income from Business of Mr. Devi Prasad Sangroula (Bhupal Bastralaya with #AN$"%&'()*+ at ,ipni Birta$-). #arwanipur. #arsa. Nepal) Salary of Mr. Raj Kumar Sangroula

Annual Income (In N s.) "'.(-.---

emar!s As per audit report



As per salary sheet As mention in the contract made 2etween tenants and landlords


ental Income in "/0a plot no. ** 1*+ ,ipni Birta$-). parsa. Nepal


Total %Rs. (In words3 Twenty ,a!hs 4ight Thousands 5nly.)


6666666666... +Mr. Manoj Sangroula, #DC Secretary