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The latest US military budget officially comes in at $607 billion ( 201 !

entagon tab "lus the cost of #fghan $ithdra$al% but actual s"ending is li&ely to go $ay beyond this amount' This is because the US military is (ery determined to "ursue the #S) o"tion or #S) $ar strategy in order to "rotect the US dollar as $ell as to ensure unchallenged US hegemony in the #sia*!acific region' +uring this coming ten years, from 201 through to 202-, the US is e."ected to s"end $-// billion for simulation testing, refurbishing and u"grading of its e.isting nuclear $ea"on stoc&"ile (/,0000 units%' This is a (ery enormous sum of money to fritter or thro$ a$ay considering that in 1arch 2012 2bama had "ublicly "romised to the $hole $orld to $or& for the elimination of nuclear $ea"ons' )ut this enormous sum being thro$n do$n the drain is still a lot smaller than the amount set aside for #S) in(asion "lans for the $estern !acific' The US !entagon $ants to s"end $/2 billion to enable the US 3a(y and the US !#4#5 to be fully ready for the #S) $ar strategy or $allo"*and*ta&e*do$n in(asion "lan dra$n u" to smash do$n 4hinas front door ("lus its rear door as $ell% so that it $ill ne(er "ose a threat to the status of the almighty US greenbac&' The US generals $ill not allo$ such a thing to ha""en'