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Tee _ tool tower sus: Tae Salis ie = He : nea P08 ge @)T » ja nig” = 124% = 12446 @] O1e2 BB ainede wny ee eee ee 5 ‘i te sin Ss 5,406 Tae = N54 (0%, = 22H sind = st.00 Tees Fae nF i se auey ; () Caeets Ac GEE oe fn 3c. ane Das 5 Conbe nesta @ boon We eres ure on NC A Foeee foe Ac Eins TENSION Int Ein: (@ re @) Fy (6) BE Bad veiena LAW of sits; —T* _ _ The gaan 7 31090 = “Siass = eae (0) Te let 6 aoe One Sigs mI s2ae9K TEE Law oF sints: Tee Tae soo = aS 1962" 50" * Sina Oe TE SS ITI5H 7 circ. wg] Mg SBE sits race 8) T= S00lb OT ee || SinS8= 230.7 Te2sib wal L Anti swe (comuecrios ia oviNIBRIOM UNDE Fue Foaces @) P2500 & piagaar ©THE Fears wre x Ave F coneopewTs! ~Faceise E+ asin 104 +7, | 5004 + 6sncaseic Ei 5650 sin 50x neg EGUATING TO 2BaD TE coErT, ® Fatin 0-500 ~650 sin ted @-Hes70 + Fs $69 cs Fo (1803 Weosse" = (6508 couse Roe 252] *) Weowecnon iw Foon Faces @)F,= 7508 Fs= 400i ED Pano @ REE-Goow DIAGRAM! RESOLUING THE Re Pos Fes, ESURTING To ZeRo THE CET oF Aung? @-P~ asin HD sinat eo Pex (180.7 Wsinso%e (308) sino? FORCES INTO x AND y comPonennE P44 Messs0'E- a sinse - Tae sin gol =O D remrs-roeawro=0 QT Prat 303 (be BRVIL@RIUM UE | FREE: Bese puncaat (Chem Conmeets ps RcLE) Thee 4 Zhe tr TueO*8 “Tanks ga ite Tee uf fr 0.058947 "07071 Gero (| WF EA: stat BR Ty ginny gsinnste sins oO 9.06032 hep Onn, atR9 Ga) Am Cdows(e)2 0.12526 They 522.5.” T yz HORSE CS) PRONG Toes BEEN (02,537 ROR FRET ks ® Praricee, WB Eso: Tea OOO, ott Bho ewe a, = ONT. Mhov4 KH =O ae 8 Teg SY Treo OE y20; Tyeg SIOEAT, inde 18M Sintec We (i015 KN sin YO"-3i0 5) (iB v Dasara © 26.29 4M (2)COMBinieD wee? oF CABIN PAD Prastwres 15 22.5 KM. RD EST TAN omen CoN HPCWSIDE RED AS A RIGID Boor CeHanen two BY Fou THAT 115 CENTER OF GRAVITY GON DE LOCATED To THE LEFT oF & Foe ap to Be vrwrienc, 2.54 | 4 ) Tye= 10H, Gyo cine (Coenl Cewsibekey ak FhanicTeS| Wes 5 Bae Q)G, vo uw: OTe Ob “22,520, Thea miS2Kt a] Toe = 15.22kN ~ x i * tw P=1098 1b 4606" Fosse = Ee cos 38, Ts: B= 300° Os Fea BHM 03650 gains? ag] TOM Saye Ba cose. tau: asad el Ee F sin 30'sin ot = (8001) sin3'singd =n ‘ cage Be Bit cate gee eg] asa, s Be. Sgeub. Fyr Feosao, cosy =F = cos 35, Thos: A200 18 Sr RR 2.78 | Gren! 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Fao * mo ©, wiexe P= PS Foacee IN TERNS OF TH > (Gbom) § + (4 =(5.60n{ -~GA0m)E, ADE 6.50" Ther AYD Typ Auld PRCTORIVG (06 Te Fi Tee) E + (08 Toe - Fe Tyee he +P} +2 The HE Tan) =O Eaurtine To ZER> THE copmmeents oF Lj, 6) aad Fo txPRESS THE OTHER UNIT VECTORS, WE WRITE 2.99 CONTINUED MARI Tyg2454 8 EOL) a0 SouvINe TOR Tye! Jee COGN) The HTH Jcanayie wre E8.(3) AND S0LVING FOR Tap! Tye BE ACHAEA) Tag = FIOM SUBSTITUTE FOR Tyg Tye Tay 1°70 (3) MD ournte Pe a one (2590) + 38 (4 EN) + B15. 66n) = 1031.89 c joan GWEN Tye? HS FIND! Vearicae FORCE P EXERTED TA BY THE BAUDON Nicinle Tyg = HEA M1 BUS. (1) ANB (3) AWD SLING FOR Tap, 2H Tay? | tao =atte cor Tae ZHON sat |» £5 (444) Too 416.36 M [svestiTUTINe FOR he Tag» Tap INTE (2) Mosouvny Po P Ps 08 (240 Wt EB lente Fh ete Boa) = 55.6 peasent | 2.404 | (see rivae ov ore Lert) = ven: Typ = HIN ser MAKME Tp HBIN IW E03) AnD SOLVING FOR The! Tact Lt 22 (401) Tre 41300 et He 22 (HON) Face "HD te Lcanarwe irs £8,() wo sowie FOE Tag! LF . 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TER O: Be +O Lonemin SOW BELA THe Two LOABINLS DEM co: AKON (AVEO) — | RAE EOIVALENT BEANE Ram ARE TEENED SUEY “LMR ) =O | By A UNEAR RELATION BETWEEN LOAD Ant RG EREOIE — C> THOT] TANCE AND THE VALUES AT THE EXD ATA, +O: -Woth=By-tBes tes ztOT | POM. ARE THE SAME, Meteo ata a oA By teat — Belo: 7 a7 Bu & wl sol ep ay Quen: Beam ant Me le LOA SHOWN rs | Bal aso K Fou: Reaction at " sR banat 4 frak Have. Rr = (ettitic0 R)s 200% Ras Eteirtees R= 1380 | Teen. SEF! AL PEM gs 0: = 0 40g + HEY GI90 Th) Ry = Gmxsaoh) = ALYUASE Hh) +O FON og oR Ay 90 th Axt| (Umizes %)+ 1eoo N AE fy 2 8: 850 We (Seto Gy FO Ry + HumMtzes Sh) * 4800 N on (42495015 acott Eras (Ny = 4802.4 2 ¢ P= ggV negtir Rtnduimn oR dFb.00 tt weed ny P24 Amer tON CORRECT s deboot < a y Sig) Ema: d, Wem (O2s-Kim Gainde THE ABOVE EREE-BODY BIKGRAMS OF cH sae ATE, ive DEM co: RIG (6-4) 1) (RUN 2084 (4-038 90) 61 [Tren wo ee Suerer oe = (3 RDUAIE.16 Y= AYLI009 te} 1 | DEMSO! 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KLA + EEA: Kr 129.44 wad) 1 O82 LE me Aw Xe desmm Ey YEAS EGA: Yor 24d mat }s LOCBNE wet a Yeiwm Gavin, SHEET METAL DAE SHOWAL Eun Lecamon OF CENTER OF exmom Tnm — GRAWTY a Flas assone Tut Tat GHeeT WENA MOMOGENBO. So THAT THE CENTER LE CaRYTY THE DUCT WIL COME, WITH THE CEATROMS, OF THE CORRESPONDING AREA, Now NOTE THAT ne semen, a Ye 38.9 som EgReS [0.68 sens [28.3 19517 fast. 1980.7 |= 26.3 Pease 9st wh) Gast eIZ23 mw < ZLA~L3A: » ataal 3952) n> 3.49 on, DMS Ye3.00 ME Piolo k Far tie CRBS) t Huet wt 322.99 ms aye bam Sas) Alacer sas) 2 =D. wy. Bisse 5-0 8509 mst Tye De RUSS) Age HRS can 54071 2 2D.B wi ~(Sa0 58) Ag e2. Beh ® ourmiven) aos y > iy FIRST AME THAT THE WBE 15 vies) = 13200 wt ROMEGEMROGE Ne THET ITS CENTER OF T= LHR wt Fy PORAWTRE WL CONSTR WRN THE CENTS nes sm (SRT) Ay ORF Bas Une. tasFas HEMP } ™~ xf (eonetmven) 5-31 S70 7.88 2 388 118 |ouw Have. 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Fee igs He Rie genie so Loo Ia ~ a ti te ° Fest assume THAT THE WiRE 15, HOMOGENEOUS 95 TART ITS cOsmeR OF SRAVTY WILL COINCIRE WITH THE CENTRO, SF ME CORRESFONDING LINE. tie 19. 2 nS. ‘©. ae se, @ as (Ryeunamm Show [atomt [pumt on Ke 0.146Stm YR02B3 mw) £1.20 wot i. om Yadt—m hg, (conroeD) 539 5.129 CONTINUED: Hrs my spy o8§ osoromFam SAIS om WSere Wy BIS+H09 ge Vy + BOB Soconsnfiooim) TBS wm fazsanc™ | Ti[t0. 448055 anno aseaoae"| y]-0-495 49600" [We s81s> ZI = DZS O15" $5,005 5 Like Gwen: Concrete an Woon, peice, Sean tonnes, ter acest Sn ae OT a> Foam: Xan 4 CoORNMATES OF CENTER OF GRAVITY Have, Em: Kiss. Soest, * SMD IsG hag rwm, OR Le 61.098 men Tae CENTER OF GRAVITY IS GLimm FROM THE END OF THE UANRLE. Fist ote > accousr FOR THE TWO CONCRETE Enns, THE WEKITS OF ee en BR counTen THER, Gove Thane, su an, TOF (Aye NOE ann Steet oe USES (Gye BLE) | dee = LOO mar, roe #10 mm, Aeramnaa® (SO mana? (icagt 24 toon Easy: Lockten oF CENTER OF Gaavery Cs Wek, oes Mies (dees) a= 85.46 te = First NOTE TWAT Wie Kas 70.084 Bhs «He 209) = 2.0 Ye a Smee PLIES, Wy > Ny 2 0.084 Bos (Ae tend) we to. 12B te KE sO A] ee re ten + Neen Atsa, To Account FOR 2 FOr Hide (Se 1h AB u® 1 WE TMREE LEGS, THE 4 te te Maes OF COMPONENT, + Liane Do wit ent BE ALL DIMENSIONS 1s ui. UEHOLIED BY Sie ey A ee) Tr ane h 71408 wo + Fosssm) | f Bee ue Damas ka Fim ee 1Bos BP wag 2g, Vy + BO tacos wt)| oe tess tosis Fmt 24ABOBOS one West ke Loom a = 989 mm TOO w), is ti tetewatlae +5078 ww i = 6192) bg 3 Sarte-2S cop Bed SsuD BIO ua, a Siromn_{ Siem, e-tnen Fos y= Beard +5.8180 an] TRew wns] nae So. $8) 399.25] Sy mfo.e2 [ase [aon Pal ery ‘we. Woe. YEm+ Lim: Yl tae = BLS hg om YY 4208 mm SC THE CENTER OE GRAVITY 1S 42m aw, ws] Swe We Ame THE FLOOR, spi 1.801 728 \ a2 Deana] 5.81 BS.Lo0 ( (ean oedy { [s131_continueD. Tuer... Els 230.16 th EW 23e.2 mele Eg We 1000.88 mite Now. KEW Law: KG30.18 t)*20362 wel on Kees FEW Tg: T2308 th): -to00.89 wa on Ye-43sin 5.133 | eat Gores: A semeusrsee oF in h REVOLUTION WHIK 1) x] preipeinpers cemore oe aA We AS ADS fan Fee et Gen: A nemneee —— Peverancerers Cease Ae THE, ELEMENT OF wt0 Tw VOLUME A BASIE OF ANIL COMPONENTS OF Co nuD TAGES de Ten 7 Aewetae, Heth THe ERONTON OF THE, CRAERATING GONE Be Bey so tar ote OEY ae mee ave nS dx Ea we AS. y OK tam PT ce COMPONENT Cras. Ay TWE EXEMRNT OF VOLUME ABI OF RAGS © AMD THORNE x. Tae z Veneta, Keek “we EauaTon OF THE CRMEANTS CORVE 15 Te oF so TART Chobe nae THEN Ns WL ah¥) dx iy CPR, Borgia -TRLRK eye Ta then : pre Wy ane J kecdV + a tt ae eee it So ey ahah i Camath)s Zanatht oa Kemah 1 > Ve PEN enlate Et * = roe bw. fea into x" du], * te eh zanot eV: XGan0?) Ano? on Tn Rho Sr (alatdy «Tifa Sh. in emi totiay« Syed Ty ‘ no? “ [fmm Jia» Seentae ead ental att- ey, see Sea gt Now. 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