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The Reformation

Quick review of what we covered before break:


What Was The Reformation?!

a. A ______________ ________________ that split the Roman Catholic Church!


Why Did it Happen?!

a. Grew out of the _________________!
b. People began to ________________________!
c. One major force in the lives of Europeans was Roman Catholic Church!
d. Indulgences - _______________________________________!
e. People questioned how much power ____________ (____ ______) had over their souls!


_________________ Printing Press!

a. Introduced in Europe in ________!
b. Moveable Metal Type!
c. Information Revolution - Literacy & Knowledge spread quickly!
THE __________________________________________________ CENTURIES!


Martin Luther!
a. Posts his _________________ in 1517!
b. Against indulgences!
c. The Bible is the sole religious authority, not the Church.!
d. _________ play no role in _______________.!
e. _____________ and _________ are most important, not church ceremonies and rituals!
f. Luther, his followers, and all later reformers become known as
_____________ (because they were ___________________________________)!
g. Pope Leo X excommunicates Luther in 1521!
h. Luthers friends - rich and poor alike - help him hide.

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Some New Stuff we DIDNT Cover Before Break!

___________ _____________!
a. French. !
b. Shared many of Luthers ideas about reform!
c. Disagreed with some big ones though
________________ God long-ago determined who would gain salvation.
Divided world into 2 groups _____________ and ________________!
d. Later moved to Geneva, _________________!
e. ______________ from all over Europe visited Geneva and returned home to spread
Calvins ideas.!
f. Calvins people began to see themselves as a ____________ __________ entrusted
by God to build a truly Christian society.!
g. Stressed __________, ____________, _____________, __________ & ___________.!
h. _____________ became popular in France, _____________, Germany, ________,
and Scotland !


The (Catholic) Empire Strikes Back!!

a. ______________ ______________: Catholic church reforms itself, addressing some
of the problems people had with it.!
b. ______________: Investigations, ________, and trials to find and remove heresies in
the Catholic Church. !
c. ______________!

Monks; Recognized by the Pope as a religious order!

Mission was to become ___________ ____ ___________ & defend the Catholic faith!

______ militant or violent - focus on _______________.!


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