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‘TECHNICAL EVALUATION SUMMARY ITB: No.12/2009 Projet: VIE O7/02MIEEC Technical Opening Date: 09/09/2009 sation Board 10 Chairof Board: ohn Stewart Signature: Date: _13%0972000 1.0 Member CChinds Saongcharnchai Signatur: Date: _1stoo7009 1LO Member Dang the Quyet Sian: Dae: 158002000 MoLISA Member: _Nguyen Van An Signatur Date: _15H0972009 EC Observer: Véronique De Mesmacker Signa Date: _154/0972009 1D | Bidder Name [ORE TT Reval] T | Saobacdau | Annex I~ Technical evaluation of Soobaodan Fail 2 | Teeapro ‘Annex 2~ Technical evaluation of Tecapro | ‘Fall | 3 aPT ‘Annex 3 Technical evaluation of IPT Pass ¥ fee 5 | Annex 4 Techaisal evaluation of CMC Fail | vPPr Annex 5 ~The Rejecion of PPT's Bid Fail ANNEX 1 ‘TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF SAOBACDAU, ITB: No.12/2009 Projet: VIE O7/02M/EEC Technical Opening Date: 09/08/2009 Evaluation Board LO Chair of Board: _John Stewart Signature: Date: _15/09/2000 1LO Member: Chinda Ssengeharmchi Signature Date: 15/09/2009 1LO Member Dang The Quyet Signature: Date: _15109/2009 MoLISA Member: _Nguyen Van An Signature Date: _15/09/2009 EC Observer ‘Véronique De Mes Signature: os Date: 151092009 ‘Annex ‘Technical Evaluation Table No Criteria Finance Requirements Experience Requirements “Assessment Pass Reference to Bk Submission Failed to provide 3 contacts of equivalent value Failed to provide 3 contact of equivalent experi Package 1 M1 [Server Farm Fiewall Pass 11.2 iene Firewall ~ Pass 1113 | Core Switch Pass .1a_| Server Farm Switch Pass - 1.5 | User Access Switch Pass 111.6 | atret Rower Pass 1.7 | Cluster Host For Database Sever Pass Lg | Web Server Pass 1.9 [Backup Server Pass 1.10 | DNS Server Pass TLL [ An-Viru Server ass T1.12 | Rack Cabinet: KUM Soc Pass [TLLAB [Rack Cabinet Pass 11.18 | Extemal Storage System Pass [LL1S | SAN Switch Pass 11.16 | Tape Litray Pas 111.17 | Backup Software Pass TL. T8 | Microsoft Windows Sener 2008 Enterpese Pass FTL119 [Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Pass 111.20 | MicrosoR SQL. Server 2008 Enterprise Pass