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ATLAS SeaOtter AUV for multi-purpose underwater operations

SeaOtter Unmanned Vehicles

A joint company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS

ATLAS SeaOtter Mk II
AUV Missions
The wide range of special features of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles enable them to contribute to a number of areas in naval warfare including

The ATLAS Elektronik SeaOtter Mk II AUV is designed as a multi purpose AUV. The extended modularity of SeaOtter Mk II brings a further dimension of exibility and versatility to the ATLAS UUV family. Based on the MK I version, SeaOtter Mk II is designed in accordance with our design philosophy of enhancing proven technology. The modular design enables the interchange of different modules for propulsion, energy packages, communication, navigation and payload as well as the capability to cope with modules of different dimensions. The vehicle hull is built up as a twin hull system with the possibility to change both the length and the width by using special interface connectors.

Modular Flatsh Design

- down-looking Sensors - Length 3.65 m - Weight < 1000 kg - max. Depth 600 m - Payload up to 160 kg - Speed 7 kts - Endurance up to 20 hrs

- Dedicated - Organic - Shore-Based - Air-Delivered Anti-Submarine Warfare Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance Rapid Environmental Assessment Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection Maritime Security Special Forces Support

Rapid Deployment

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

SeaOtter Advantages
Proven Technology Available today Highly exible due to modular approach Completely self-sufficient system without external

The complete SeaOtter AUV including a crane for launch and recovery can be delivered in a containerised version based on standard 20 ISO containers for rapid deployment. This solution is particularly attractive for use on ships of opportunity and for shore-based operations.

aid (e.g. acoustic transponders) Unique precision in navigation Full integration into the ATLAS IMCMS if desired Air transportable

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Unmanned Vehicles

A joint company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS

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