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0 Steps for using keygen on Windows XP SP2, SP3 (you can generate keys for other c omputers e.g. Windows 7): 1) Install QTP 10.0, you can set up .NET; Java Add-in (the other plugins are not cracked yet) at the end of setup REMOVE "Run License Installation Wizard" flag 2) Install LicenseServer (.\DVD\LicenseServer\) 3) Run QTP 10.0 select Help -> About -> License... in the program menu in the opened window press "Modify License", then select "Seat" "Yes"/press "Yes" write out the string from "Locking code:" field and press "Next" do not close the window 4) Create folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Mercury Interactive\License Manag er 5) Copy files from Crack folder to \License Manager folder 6) run qtp_def.exe from \License Manager folder 7) run wlscgen.exe from \License Manager folder enter username: ADMINISTRATOR, leave the password field empty select License -> Generate license code in the menu, in the Existing License Types -> select "Quick TestPro v8.2 SL Seat License" press Select type the data from "Locking code:" field (from QTP) into "Locking:" field press "Generate code", then Yes At the end of generation press display button, and copy the code 8) switch to QTP and insert the code into the field 9) follow QTP instructions, restart QTP and enjoy 10)Repeat this for ".NET Add-in v8.2 SL Seat License" and "Java Add-in v8.2 SL S eat Licence" Note: "TerminalEmulator Add-in SL SeatLicence" is not working and deletes the other licences with special thanks to the loosers from Rainbow Tech, who leaked the OFFICIAL licence generator for QTP8.2 :)