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Audio & Video Technology & Film 1 Audio & Video Technology & Film Pathway Course Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. Adam Logan, RM 212&302 Email:adam.logan@berrien.k12.ga.us Office Hours: 3rd Block Phone: (229) 686-7428 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This one credit course is the first in a pathway that prepares the student for employment or entry into a postsecondary education program in the Audio Video Technology & Film career fields. Topics covered may include, but are not limited to: terminology, safety, basic equipment, script writing, production teams, production and programming, set production, lighting, recording and editing, studio production, and professional ethics. Skills USA, the Georgia Scholastic Press Association, Technology Student Association (TSA) and Student Television Network are examples of, but not limited to, appropriate organizations for providing leadership training and/or for reinforcing specific career and technical skills and may be considered an integral part of the instructional program. All material covered in AVTF-1 will be utilized in subsequent courses. Students must pass this class to continue in the Mass Media Pathway. COURSE OBJECTIVES (Aligned with Career Tech / Georgia Performance Standards) AVTF-I-1: Students will demonstrate employability skills required by business & industry. AVTF-I-2: Students will understand and follow safety procedures when working with TV equipment. AVTF-I-3: Students will understand and utilize trade terminology in an appropriate manner. AVTF-I-4: Students will be able to demonstrate proper set-up and use of basic production equipment. AVTF-I-5: Students will identify and create various types of scripts. AVTF-I-6: Students will demonstrate proper use and operation of studio equipment and production techniques while working as part of a production team. AVTF-I-7: Students will demonstrate teamwork and proper use of equipment while participating in a live field production which may include electronic news gathering, film work, or streaming live events. AVTF-I-8: Students will demonstrate the use of technology in recording and post-production applications. AVTF-I-9: Students will develop an understanding of audio, video and film careers, describe the principal fields of specializations and identify associated career opportunities. AVTF-I-10: Students will examine how related student organizations are integral parts of career and technology education courses through

Berrien High School

leadership development, school and community service projects and competitive events. Mass Media ProductionPhilosophy The Mass Media Production curriculum at Berrien High School is designed to meet the needs of students in the academic, business, and care programs. The curriculum is designed to do the following: 1. Provide a program of study that includes current technological training integrated with current business practices and accepted work ethics. 2. Provide opportunities to foster realistic educational and career goals. Internet Resources: www.bhsvideopro.com www.berriennetwork.com www.videomaker.com www.skillsusageorgia.org

Internet Usage in Class Setting: In order to enhance student learning, students will use the Internet daily as a resource tool for this class. While in the Broadcast Lab, students will comply with all Berrien County Schools guidelines. Failure to follow county mandated guidelines would result in punishment that ranges from loss of privileges to administrative referral. All students and parents are required to sign acknowledgment of Internet guidelines prior to a student using the Internet. Materials and Supplies: Students are provided network space to save course work and to produce videos for class projects. Students should bring the following the following supplies to class: 1. 2 inch notebook with paper 2. Writing utensil (pencil or pen) 3. Headphones 4. G mail Account 5. 4 GB Flash Drive 6. 4 GB Class 10 SD Card Grading: Students will be graded on a variety of assessments. Production assignment and tests will be giving during each unit. Students will receive credit for work done during class. Students will also receive a weekly grade for Citizenship and Behavior. There will be a final exam counting 20% of the grade. Grading Scale Daily Assignments and Notes Production Assignments and Tests Citizenship and Behavior Final Exam

15% 60% 5% 20%

Makeup/Late Work Policy: If you miss a day of school you will be required to make up any work you missed while out of class. When a student returns to class it is his or her responsibility to check with the teacher to find if there are any assignments that need to be completed. Make-up work should be completed within one week without any penalty. After 10 days, the student will not receive credit for the assignment. Exceptions for consecutive excused absences will be made if necessary. Tardy Policy: Students are expected to be in their assigned seat when the tardy bell rings. Students who are tardy will be disciplined according to school tardy policy as stated in school handbook. Hall Pass Policy: Students will be allowed one hall pass per week during the semester. No more than two students will be allowed to leave the classroom at a time. Attendance: Students are expected to be in class daily. If students are absent, it is the responsibility of the student to find out what assignments he/she missed and arrange with the teacher a time for making up tests and other assignments. Excessive absenteeism may a negative effect on your grade. Classroom Guidelines and Expectations: To be successful in this class, students must follow these guidelines: 1. Listen and follow directions the first time. DO NOT TALK WHILE THE INSTRUCTOR IS SPEAKING 2. Students should give 100% to each assignment and project while maintaining a positive attitude. 3. Be in assigned seat when the tardy bell rings. 4. Know and practice safe equipment handling procedure. 5. Theft will not be tolerated. If it is not yours leave it alone. 6. No Food or Drink is allowed in the classroom or lab. This includes water! 7. Bring needed materials to class every dayincluding course notebook and writing utensil. 8. Students should not listen to music, watch videos, or play internet games on the computer while in class unless part of class assignment. 9. Electronic devices (MP3 Players, IPods, Cell Phones, etc.) are not allowed in the classroom. BHS Cell phone/electronics policy will be enforced. 10. Please report any broken or damaged equipment to the instructor immediately whether or not you are the one that has damaged the equipment. Accidents happen. Lying about broken equipment is no accident. ***If a problem with computer or piece of production equipment is found because of failure to follow rules, student will be sent immediately to an administrator for disciplinary action. Malicious damage will result in the student having to pay for all costs incurred in the repair of the equipment.

Discipline Policy/Positive reinforcement: Behavior is directly linked to performance in the classroom. Misbehavior while working on projects will have a negative effect on your grade. Praise, Email, Awards, etc. are issued to the student as means of positive reinforcement. If the student chooses NOT to follow the discipline plan, the following steps will be taken: 1st offense: Verbal warning 2nd offense: Teacher & student discussion; parent notification 3rd offense: Administrative referral Severe clause: Immediately referred to Administrator All items are subject to change without proper notification. Video Surveillance: The video production lab and classroom are under constant video surveillance. Equipment Checkout/Check-in: Students Must Have Their School ID In Order To Check Out/Check In Equipment. Equipment is available for use inside the classroom. Checkout time for in class use is during the first 15 minutes of class. You will be issued gear by the blocks equipment manager or the instructor. Check-in for in class use is during the last 15 minutes of class. If the equipment is checked out in your name, you must be the one to return it. Failure to follow this procedure will result in the loss of checkout privileges. Acceptance of the Document Please sign and return by Monday January 13th 2013. Parent Name (Printed) _____________________ Parent Signature ______________________ Date: ________________ Parent Contact Information: Phone: _____________________________ Email: _____________________________ Student Name (Printed) _______________________ Student Signature _______________________ Date:__________________