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Quote from: Tushnim.

Asanam on December 22, 2012, 09:27:08 AM POST 17 Here is a conversation between annamalai swami and Ramana , pg 234 of Living by the words of bhagavan. Quote "Does Samadhi mean that one is unaware of everything ?" , I asked. "No," said Bhagavan. "Mediation will go on without our effort. That is Samadhi" "Then what is Sahaja Samadhi ?", I asked. Bhagavan answered by saying , " In that state meditation will always be going on. In that State the thought , 'I am meditating' or 'I am not meditating' will not occur". I then asked Bhagavan about periods in meditation when I was only aware of an allpervasive blankness. "Sometimes nothing is seen", I said. "Is this good?" Bhagavan did not seem to approve of all these states, "In the beginning", he said, "It is good if meditators meditate with Self Awareness". The state of Sahaja Samadhi contined to intrigue me. A few weeks later I asked him another question about it, "Can one practise sahaja samadhi right from the beginning?" Bhagavan replied by saying that one could. "But how to practise it ", I asked. "And how does one practise nirvikalpa samadhi ? How many different kinds of samadhi are there ?" "There is only one kind of Samadhi", Said Bhagavan , "not many kinds. To remain temporarily subsided in the reality without any thought is nirvikalpa Samadhi. Permanently abiding in the Self without forgetting it is Sahaja Samadhi. Both will give the same happiness"