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helen launched a thousand ships to reunite with menelaus - this is how the story ends.

the goddess aphrodite lies, this is what she does: she is as great an archer as apollo is, and when she hits you, shoots an arrow to weaken your knees, she means pain. she means favored. - this is how paris dies. you stalked to my domain, and i chained the keys below my collarbones: youll never get out, never get out, ive abducted your freedom - this is my retribution. send the horse in, call for your warrior queen, i am the princess, this is my fortress, and when you ra e my kingdom to the ground, i would know that this i knew: theres a goddess, on my corner, i am favored. i am a side character, in this, in my, story - this is how they tell the tale of the fall of troy. !- b.c."