Transcendance of Dark Magick

Dark magic emerging from the blackened depths of my soul, I yearn for Thee...I urge for Thee... ...For thy burning light to eclipse the carnal madness in wich I am trapted.

On a Sphere of illusions, a race who thrives on suffocating ignorance that leads to eternal echoes of silent suffering and afflictions. Transcendance into higher being, slave of cosmic anomalies I am not. Blood black as night yet the lightening stars I am not as I fill this void of em ptiness. Communion of blackest spirits lead me to a darker existence, I breed the magnifi cence of the underworld, claiming destruction upon the skeleton throne. Red glowing embers of my burning desires now leaving the crowned liar dwelling d eeper in it's shameful funeral pyre. Separated are the realities when the stars realign, powers of an infinite solitu de.

Written by Neptune Abyss Winter 2012