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Rachel Lunny

Use the internet to find definitions/explanations for each of the following terms. You must be prepared to explain these terms in your own words to demonstrate your understanding. Rachel Lunny INTERNET: computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide. MODEM: an electronic device that makes possible the transmission of data to or
from a computer via telephone or other communication lines.

BANDWIDTH/BPS: the transmissi n ca!acity " an electr nic c mmunicati ns #e$ice r system% &BPS: 'its !er sec n#( BROWSER: a software program that allows the user to find and read encoded
documents in a form suitable for display, especially such a program for use on the World Wide Web. (Chrome, Fire fox, Internet explorer

SEAR)H EN*INE: a computer program that searches documents, especially on

the World Wide Web, for a specified word or words and provides a list of documents in which they are found. (!ahoo, "ing, #sk.com, $oogle

META TA*: inserted at the top of a Web page, to describe its content and provide
keywords for use by search engines.

HTTP: hypertext transfer protocol% the standard protocol for transferring hypertext
documents on the World Wide Web. (&rotocol% the rules

H+PERTE,T: a method of storing data through a computer program that allows

a user to create and link of information and to retrieve the data.


a code that identifies a computer network or a particular computer or other device on a network, consisting of four numbers separated by periods.

DOMAIN NAME: used as an Internet address to identify the location of particular

Web pages.

PA).ET SWIT)HIN*: a method of efficient data transmission whereby the

initial message is broken into relatively small units that are routed independently and subse'uently reassembled.

T)P/IP: Transmissi n

control &rotocol(Internet &rotocol% a communications protocol for computer networks, the main protocol for the Internet. /

Rachel Lunny

-RL/-RI: an address that identifies a particular file on the Internet, usually

consisting of the protocol, as http, followed by the domain name.

WEBSITE: a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a

single entity, usually maintained by one person or organi)ation.

NETI0-ETTE: the rules of eti'uette that apply when communicating over

computer networks, especially the Internet.

1IREWALL: security measures designed to prevent unauthori)ed electronic access

to a networked computer system. (*oftware applications of fire wall

)OO.IE: a message, or segment of data, containing information about a user,

sent by a Web server to a browser and sent back to the server each time the browser re'uests a Web page.

)LO-D STORA*E: can access in" rmati n "r m any2here% NET NE-TRALIT+:
the principle that basic Internet protocols should be non+ discriminatory esp. that content providers should get e'ual treatment from internet operators (information that,s out there shouldn,t have access to this information

P3P: !eer t !eer &2 r4 t 5ether nline thr u5h a net2 r4 an# share in" rmati n( ADWARE: a ty!e " c m!uter s "t2are that c llects in" rmati n a' ut a user6s 'r 2sin5 !atterns in r#er t #is!lay rele$ant a#$ertisements in his r her We' 'r 2ser% 7IR-S: c m!utin5 an unauth ri8e# !r 5ram that inserts itsel" int a c m!uter system an# then !r !a5ates itsel" t ther c m!uters $ia net2 r4s r #is4s9 2hen acti$ate# it inter"eres 2ith the !erati n " the c m!uter% DATA:MININ*: the !r cess " c llectin5; searchin5 thr u5h; an# analy8in5 a lar5e am unt " #ata in a #ata'ase% DENIAL O1 SER7I)E ATTA).: O"ten s!rea# 'y e:mail $iruses; these are #eli'erately !lanne# attac4s n a c m!anies r r5ani8ati ns; We' sites; r ser$ers%

Rachel Lunny

MALWARE: s "t2are inten#e# t #ama5e a c m!uter; m 'ile #e$ice; c m!uter system; r c m!uter net2 r4; r t ta4e !artial c ntr l $er its !erati n% &MAL means 'a# in 1rench( PHARMIN*: the !ractice " re#irectin5 c m!uter users "r m le5itimate 2e'sites t "rau#ulent nes " r the !ur! ses " e<tractin5 c n"i#ential #ata% PHISHIN*: t try t 'tain "inancial r ther c n"i#ential in" rmati n "r m Internet users; ty!ically 'y sen#in5 an e:mail that l 4s as i" it is "r m a le5itimate r5ani8ati n% SPAM: t sen# uns licite# electr nic mail r te<t messa5es simultane usly t a num'er " e:mail a##resses r m 'ile !h nes% SP+WARE: c m!utin5 s "t2are installe# $ia the internet n a c m!uter 2ith ut the user6s 4n 2le#5e an# use# t sen# in" rmati n a' ut the user t an ther c m!uter% TRO=AN HORSE: a 'u5 inserte# int a !r 5ram r system #esi5ne# t 'e acti$ate# a"ter a certain time r a certain num'er " !erati ns%