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HEALTH The client defined While he is in the Because he is
PERCEPTION & health "Makikita ko hospital he cant in pain.
HEALTH nman pag malusog defined his health as
MANAGEMENT ang katawan ko" as healthy.
verbalized by the
patient. For his
opinion he defined
healthy; because he is
happy and he live his
life to the fullest,
NUTRITIONAL The client eats When his in hospital To maintained
& METABOLIC healthy foods he only drinks is his good
PATTERN everyday, he doesn’t water and he only eat condition.
takes any food any foods but low in
1upplement. He salt, before he
always drink 7-8 admitted at the
glasses of water hospital his still
everyday, he said smoking.
water is more vital to
life than foods, in his
breakfast he ate only
light foods. He usually
eats alone and when
at home he only
prepared foods only
for his self.
ELIMINATION The client verbalized While his in the To identify if
PATTERN "Bago ako na pasok hospital, his urine there are any
dito sa hospital color is yellowish in infection or
regular naman ang color but sometimes difficulty in
pag tae ko sa 1 araw it is colorless. He elimination.
lagi naman ako na doesn't have any
tae" he also said problem about his
sometimes her bowel perspiration, and he
has a odor. He urinate doesn't have body
at regular intervals odor.
ACTIVITY – My client knows that While he is in the To feel relax
EXERCISE activity or exercise hospital he always and forget the
PATTERN increase fatigue, play PSP and watch pain he
before he admitted at TV sometimes he encounter.
the hospital he always takes a little walk
play basketball 4 around the 5th floor of
times a week, surfing the hospital and he
the net, watching TV listened music for his
and playing PSP that relaxation.
his usual doing before
he hospitalize
SLEEP - REST He usually sleep The client is restless He can’t
PATTERN every 9pm to 7 am, he “Hindi ako masyado tolerate the
go to his work makapag pahinga pain he feel.
everyday he feel kasi masakit yung
refresh every time he kanan na lungs ko”
is awake, he wakes as vervalized by the
up on his own he patient. His sleep
always dream at rest pattern while he
night, but he doesn’t is in the hospital he
snore. He prefers to sleep at 11pm and he
sleep in quiet and wake up at 6-7 am.
dark room.
COGNITIVE – He doesn’t have any He can learn easily
PERCEPTUAL difficulty in reading and understand all
PATTERN and writing, he also the words you tell to
doesn’t have any him, his memory is
hearing problem, he normal and he
has a 15/20 eye speaks clearly.
SELF He describe his self He can’t take care of
PERCEPTION – as a healthy in his his self because of
SELF CONTROL mind and body, he pain he feel, he is
take care of his body always moody
properly he always try because he is
to look good, he said restless.
sometimes he is
moody specially when
he is tires and sleepy.
ROLE He lives at He tries to be strong
RELATIONSHIP concepcion road, with to make his self feel
PATTERN his family if there are better and his family
a problem with their not to worry about
family he always do him.
his best to resolve it
sometimes problem of
their family is
SEXUALITY – He defined sexuality He can enjoy his
REPRODUCTIVE as a degree to which relationship with
PATTERN a person exhibits and other because his in
experiences maleness the hospital, he feel
or femaleness alone.
physically, emotionally
and mentally. He said
he is comfortable with
his sexual identity.
COPING AND He always sleeps He feels stress
STRESS regular and always 8 because of
TOLERANCE hours, he doesn’t feel incomplete rest
any stress. because he feels
pain every time.
VALUE BELIEF He believes in god He always prays to
PATTERN and before he sleeps get well soon and
he is always praying. thanks to god for his
second chance.