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By Erica Alini Macleans October 29.


Ed-tech sector is booming

By Erica Alini, Maclean's | October 29, 2012 Anyone whos ever sat in on a 500- n!er"ra! ate lect re #nows that ta#in" "oo! notes can "et tric#y, says 2$-year ol! %ac# &ai' ()hat i* yo ha++en to be sittin" too *ar to hear +ro+erly,- Or, worse still, (what i* yo re an international st !ent,&hat was the case *or &ais class.ate %ac#ey /i, who! 0 st lan!e! at the 1niversity o* &oronto *ro. 2hina' B t their *rien! 3evin ) , a native 2ana!ian, also ha! tro ble transcribin" what he hear! in class' &he three bon!e! over those str ""les with s+otty annotations, they starte! sharin" noteboo#s an! s+en!in" a*ternoons to"ether at the library "oin" over .aterial covere! in class' 4o r years an! three Bachelors !e"rees later, in 5e+te.ber 2010,

&ai, ) an! /i la nche! 6otesol tion, a website that lets st !ents share notes online witho t havin" to line + at the +hotoco+y .achine' &hey starte! .ar#etin" the service at their al.a .ater, an! (within the *irst year we ha! 9,000 re"istere! sers,- says

&ai' &o!ay, the co.+any co nts over 70,000 sers across 2ana!a an! 18 e.+loyees' 6otesol tion is +art o* 2ana!as so-calle! e!-tech boo., with so*tware co.+anies caterin" to st !ents, teachers an! +ro*essional trainers s+ro tin" + all over the co ntry' &he last *ew years have seen e! cation shoot to the to+ o* the charts in ter.s o*

start + activity' Accor!in" to a recent 29B2 st !y, the ran#s o* sel*-e.+loye! 2ana!ians wor#in" in the sector "rew by a sta""erin" 75 +er cent between 200: an! 2012' By co.+arison, the secon!best +er*or.in" start + in! stry in 2ana!a, healthcare, saw "rowth o* less than 25 +er cent ! rin" the sa.e +erio!' 2ana!as e!-tech cha.+ion is ar" ably ;esire2/earn, a +rovi!er o* so*tware sol tions *or e! cational a++lications that has bol!ly<an! s ccess* lly<ta#en on 1'5' "iant Blac#boar!' &he 3itchener, Ont'-base! start + sec re! =>0 .illion in * n!in" in its latest ro n! o* *inancin" earlier this year, a si"ni*icant vent re ca+ital invest.ent even by 1'5' stan!ar!s an! the lar"est s ch invest.ent on recor! in a 2ana!ian e! cation-relate! b siness' &he 2ana!ian tren! .irrors whats ha++enin" so th o* the bor!er' 9n 2ali*ornia, e!-tech is the latest hot thin"' 5tart + *or .s are ab ?? with chatter abo t how e! cation

By Erica Alini Macleans October 29. 2102 so*tware will save the worl!, *ro. revol tioni?in" aca!e.ia to brin"in" *ree #nowle!"e to the low-inco.e st !ents an! the !evelo+in" worl!, as + r+orte! by 2o rsera, which o**ers online co rses on anythin" *ro. 2onte.+orary A.erican @oetry to 2o.+ tational 4inance at no cost' 9nvest.ent in e! cation-relate! so*tware co.+anies has nearly tri+le! between 2002 an! 2011, risin" to =829 .illion *ro. =187 .illion, accor!in" to the 6ational Aent re 2a+ital Association' @erha+s ns r+risin"ly, those n .bers are . ch s.aller in 2ana!a, where si.ilar !eals by local vent re ca+ital * n!s acco nte! *or only =117 .illion between 200> an! 2012, accor!in" to &ho.son Be ters !ata' Between 200: an! the *irst hal* o* this year, e!-tech co.+anies .a!e + only $'7 +er cent o* so*tware invest.ent, an! a .ea"er 0'7 +er cent o* overall invest.ent' &he sector, it see.s, hasnt esca+e! the *a.iliar constraints so .any 2ana!ian entre+rene rs co.e + a"ainstC relatively scarce ca+ital an! ris#-averse investors' )henever +itchin" to a 2ana!ian vent re ca+ital * n!, says 6otesol tions &ai, the *irst D estion that co.es + isC (are yo +ro*itable yet,- 9n the 1'5', he says, its abo t (sellin" a vision,rather than havin" establishe! reven e *lows' / c#ily, 6otesol tion an! several others are "ettin" so.e lovin" *ro. 5ilicon Aalley' 9n % ne, &ai an! ) were in 5an 4rancisco sch.oo?in" with 1'5' investors an! *ac lty *ro. 5tan*or! an! the 1niversity o* 2ali*ornia, Ber#ley' &hey atten!e! the /a nch E! cation 2on*erence, an event hoste! by Microso*t where +ro.isin" start +s in the *iel! "ot a chance to .in"le with a whos who o* 2ali*ornias tech in! stry' 5till, 2ana!ian investors see. to be war.in" + to the i!ea that theres .oney to be .a!e o t o* the !i"itali?ation o* e! cation' Erowth)or#s Atlantic, a retail vent re ca+ital .ana"e.ent co.+any that concentrates on Atlantic 2ana!a, !oesnt nor.ally *oc s on the b siness o* e! cation, b t in 2007 it !i++e! its toes in the e!-tech sector with an invest.ent in A?or s 9nc', a Fali*aG-base! co.+any that hel+s niversities connect with +ros+ective st !ents an! i.+rove their enroll.ent rates' &he co.+any is receivin" "reat interest *ro. niversities in the 1'3' Becent c ts to hi"her e! cation * n!in" there are .a#in" colle"e a++licants .ore selective an! hei"htenin" co.+etition a.on" schools tryin" to attract a++licants, accor!in" to Erowth)or#s Atlantic 2EO &o. Fayes' ()eve been very +lease!,- he says, (were +retty b llish abo t where that .i"ht ta#e s'-

By Erica Alini Macleans October 29. 2102


By Erica Alini Macleans October 29. 2102

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