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Starting your letter: Dear Sir or Madam, Ms Castle, Miss Jones, Mrs Carlton, Mr Hunter, Helen, Making references:

With reference to Regarding Thank you for your letter of 21st March Further to Saying why you are writing: I am writing to enquire about ... I am pleased to invite you ... Making requests: lease let me know if you have ... I should !e grateful if you would ... It would !e most helpful if you could ... We would !e delighted if you would ... I am pleased to invite you ... "nclosing documents: lease find enclosed a job s ecification. ! self"addressed envelo e is enclosed. # enclose my C$. Talking a!out contact in the future: I look forward to meetin% you. hearin% from you soon. seein% you. "nding your letter: #ours faithfully$ &if you don't (now the name of the erson you're writin% to) #ours sincerely$ &if you (now erson's name and have used it at the be%innin% of the letter) %oca!ulary: &acancy 'n(: osition or job in a com any that's available )R 'short for )uman Resources(: de artment in a com any which loo(s after the hirin%, trainin% etc of em loyees specification 'n(: detailed descri tion of somethin% access needs requirements for eo le with disabilities confirm '&(: a%ree

*egi *n conformitate cu revederile art+. !v,nd -n vedere revederile. " " "

*n temeiul art. / din y+.