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Leticia Avila 211526 Essential Skills\ Evidence Form

StandardThink Critically and Analytically Skills 1. Identify and explain the key elements of a complex event, text1, issue, problem or phenomenon. 2. Develop a method to explore the relationships between the key elements of a complex event, text1, issue, problem or phenomenon. 3. Gather, question and evaluate the quality of information from multiple primary and secondary sources. 4. Propose defensible conclusions that address multiple and diverse perspectives. 5. Evaluate the strength of conclusions, differentiating reasoning based on facts from reasoning based on opinions.

Description of Activity/Task/Experience that demonstrates I am at or above standard in the specific skills for the standard mentioned above: My junior year in AP U.S. History I had a project in which I had to interview someone who had gone through a historical event. After the interview I had to either make a video or poster showing the history of the event and the person. Apart from those things, I also had to write a ten page essay. I decided to do the project on my own and I choose to do in on a veteran. My chemistry teacher, Mrs. Toth was a second officer and graduated after three years of military training in infantry. I found her story very interesting and was excited that I had picked the right person for my project. Over the course of four weeks, I interviewed Mrs.Toth and asked many questions about her in life during the cold war. I made a video and started with the causes of the cold war to the outcomes of the Cold War. Throughout the video Mrs.Toth shares what she saw happening around her and how it all affected her. Once I had done that, I began writing the ten pages, which took me the longest to do. When I had finished my project I had to present it to the class and answer any questions they had.

Explanation/Reflection of how the activity/task/experience described above meets or exceeds the specific skills of the standard mentioned above:

The project helped me see a different perspective from someone who lived across the world. I learned in more details about before and after the cold war. I liked that I had learned this from someone who was there and shared stories and overall their experience in that event. This project really pushed me to think critically and step out of the box. I had to plan out step by step how I was to complete my project. I had to come up with good questions that I had to think through that it wouldnt in any way be offensive or insensitive. The aspect of writing the ten page essay was the hardest for me because I needed to cover over the history of the Cold War and make it interesting. I also had to include the history of the interviewee and make it as accurate as I could. Making the video had me thinking critically because I had to come up with ideas of how to develop the information in the video. I had to be creative in the way I was making the video. The project helped me think more and be more prepared for college level classes.