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Buyer Questionnaire

Name: Age: Contact no.: Occupation:

Do you have plans of buying a 4 wheeler? If yes which one?

. !es ".No #.Not yet $eci$e$

%ase$ on what &ualities woul$ you buy a car?

. 'ileage ".(erformance #.(rice 4.)oo*s

+hat level of bu$get woul$ you li*e to have while purchasing your car?
. ,,,,,- #,,,,, ".4,,,,,-.,,,,, #..,,,,, an$ above

+hich colour car woul$ you prefer?

. /e$ ".%lac* #.+hite 4.'ention if any

+hat type of car $o you prefer?

. 0e$an ". 1atchbac* #.023 4.0porty

+hich of the following best $escribes your type of car?

. (etrol ". Diesel #.4as 4.5lectric

!our choice is influence$ by?

. !ourself ".6amily #. 6rien$s 4. 'e$ia

!our main source of information7reference is?

. Newspaper ". 'aga8ine #.Internet 4. Other

+hich news paper $o you prefer?

. 915 9I'50 O6 INDIA 4. 'ention if any other ".D5CCAN 15/A)D #.915 1IND2

1ow $o you prefer the payment?

. )oan ".(artial loan #.6ull $own payment