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Lesson 7 Reflection Questions

Q5. What is meant by the terms churchless Christianity and Christianity-less church?

Christianity-less Church
Key Words
Biblical faith Believers who neither call themselves Christians, nor are called Christians by their neighbors Daily Bible-reading followers of Jesus Christ who continued to identify with their own culture and religion such as Hindu and Muslim but who lived largely in total isolation from the formal Christian movement Period of the shift of European to non-Western Non-Western areas: India, China, Africa, etc. where they have a traditional & cultural religion and distinctive social structure. Study the Bible and worship at the home level


When Main places How to keep the faith

Where to worship Relation with Social sphere Relation with Western Christian Churches

Individually or at least home churches

Continue to associate within their own social sphere Do not routinely associate with the somewhat Western Christian churches The sudden awareness of the Gospel bursting the bonds and boundaries of Western Christianity The shift from Jewish to Greek clothing The shift from Latin to German clothing (Reformation) Even though it is outside of formal Christian Movement, To others it may constitute the final evidence of the power of the Bible over all other strategies of mission In any case, it radically changes our understanding of the kingdom of God and the work of God on earth in regard to the role of what we call Christianity.

Parallel to

Expected Impact in the Growth of Biblical Faith in the 21st Century