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UNIT- I FUNDAMENTAL OF VIBRATION: Definition of Vibration, Causes of Vibration, Elimination of Vibration, Vibration as a positive aspects, Vector Method of representing harmonic motions, Additions of simple harmonic motions, Beats Phenomenon, Complex Method, Fourier Series, Classification of Vibration, Damped and Undamped Vibration. 10 hours UNIT- II UNDAMPED VIBRATIONS-(FOR SINGLE DEGREE OF FREEDOM SYSTEM): Introduction to continuous and discrete system, Elements of a Mechanical Vibratory System, Derivation of differential equation, Solution of differential equation, Torsional Vibrations, Equivalent spring constant, series and parallel, Energy method of vibration analysis. 08 hours UNIT-III DAMPED FREE VIBRATIONS- (FOR SINGLE DEGREE OF FREEDOM SYSTEM): Introduction to Damped Vibration, Types of Damping , Free Vibration with Viscous Damping, Damping ratio, Over-damped system, Critically-damped system, Under Damped System, Logarithmic decrement, Viscous dampers, Dry friction Damping, Solid Damping. 10 hours UNIT-IV FORCED VIBRATIONS- (FOR SINGLE DEGREE OF FREEDOM SYSTEM): Forced vibrations with constant harmonic Excitation, Forced vibrations with rotating and reciprocating unbalance, Forced Vibration due to excitation of the support, Energy dissipated by damping, Forced vibration with colomb damping, Forced vibration with structural damping, Vibration isolation and transmissibility. 10 hours UNIT-V Vibration measuring instruments, Introduction to Two degree of freedom system, Principle modes of vibration, Vibration Absorbers, Vibration isolation, Critical speeds of shafts for a single disc with and without damping. 08 hours
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