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Jan 15, 2014 The Purpose of this document is to establish a contract between CNTV, hereinafter referred to as PRODUCER, and

Jan Bess hereinafter referred to as CLIENT for the production of a Video News Segment for publicity purposes , hereinafter referred to as the PROJECT. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: The PROJECT is to be a 5 minute minimum, standard definition, Broadcast quality Video newsclip. This News segment will be done in an ENG style of News gathering complete with A roll video of interview and B roll video/photos with name graphics & business contact information throughout. This particular news segment will highlight The Studio Unique Fitness

The purpose of the PROJECT is for publicity for the CLIENT in the form of a Video News Segment. THE CLIENT WILL RETAIN THE COPYRIGHT TO USE PRODUCTION FOR ANY PURPOSE. The Producer will retain the right to use the production for advertising and promotion. The Producer will retain the rights to air this as a broadcast on cable/Dish/direct TV/Internet Any environment choices, (employees, uniforms,testimonials, clients,establishment cleanliness, furniture arrangement etc..." are at the discretion of the CLIENT and any edits needed after the shoot because of environment errors may alter the final billing & final edit and will be at the discretion of the PRODUCER. PRODUCER warrants that the production shall cost no more than the fee for the marketing copyright to the client. A grand total of $___395.00______ This cost is for the Copyright only. The CLIENT will not be charged for any production or airtime this feature may receive. Once production schedule is approved any reschedule or delay without 24 hr notice, therefrom caused by the CLIENT shall be considered unreasonable and a deposit of _$50.00___ for said delay shall be charged to the CLIENT up and above Marketing Pkg Fee. The grand total of the production budget for PROJECT including marketing copyright approved by the CLIENT is $ (__395.00_______) This total is payable on the day of the interview. The client will receive the proof prior to airing approximately 4-6 week after taping and will be

allowed up to 3 changes in 1 edit at no additional charge.(copyright fee must be paid in FULL prior to ANY changes being made. If any additional images and/or videos are needed by the client they MUST be received within 7 days to be included in the feature.

I have read, understand and agree with every provision of this contract and by my signature, hereby certify that I accept and agree to abide by them and that I am competent and legally qualified to enter in to such a contract. Jan Bess

_____________ Consumer News Television

If payment is not paid in full the second half will be deducted from this card when proof is delivered.

janbess@me.com (720) 529-0160