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Drawing I Mrs.Sundberg One Semester 0.5 credits 104

Website: www.mrssundberg.weebly.com
Course Description: This course is an introduction to traditional principles and contemporary techni ues in drawing. Students will gain a greater wor!ing !nowledge o" line# shape# perspecti$e# proportion# $olume# and composition. Additional Materials Re!erences: %ideo tapes# slide presentations# reproductions and original artwor! will complement students learning in Drawing. Course "#er#ie$ Contents: &oncepts and $ocabulary o" 'lements and (rinciples o" Design will be introduced# rein"orced# and reinterpreted through student assignments and pro)ects. Students will wor! with natural "orms# the human "igure# sel"*portrait and human*made ob)ects as sub)ect matter "or +*D design. , $ariety o" media used in this course will include pencil# pen and in!# charcoal# oil pastels# and chal! pastels. Class %ormat: Drawing I is structured as a studio class. Methods o! Assessment: The teacher will use rubrics to e$aluate and grade student pro)ects. -ubrics will state the speci"ic aspects o" the student.s wor! to be graded. The rubric will also be used by the students and teacher to structure regular class criti ues. Assignments: ,ssignments will $ary in length "rom one day to se$eral wee!s. Students are e/pected to use time wisely to complete wor! in class.
&rading 150 &riti ues +00 ,rt 1ournal 250 Drawings * "rom class assignments

Attendance: , student.s participation in class is essential "or success. This includes daily attendance# being on time# ready to learn and participation in criti ues. Student s!ills in using time well will be de$eloped# supported and re"lected in student grades. Classroom procedures: &lass will start with an opening acti$ity that introduces the concept and $ocabulary being used O- an art )ournal prompt. Students will be directed by the teacher in the main acti$ity "or that period. Students will clean*up in the room be"ore dismissal. , "ormal criti ue will be held at the end o" each completed pro)ect

Art 'ournal3 The )ournal includes your indi$idual written responses to 4ocus 5uestions# ,rtists and 1ournal ,ssignments presented in class. The )ournal can be a noteboo! or s!etchboo!. 6ring it to class each session. ,rt )ournal prompts can be "ound on the class website. Students are responsible "or completing all )ournal prompts by each due date. %inal ()ams: 7ritten and practical e/ams will be gi$en. *ncomplete &rades: See handboo!. Tutoring: ,s needed. Students may come during seminar# lunch or a"ter school to catch*up or to )ust understand a concept by gi$ing indi$idual attention. +lagiarism Academic Dishonesty: Students are e/pected to create and complete their own wor!. 7riting or images created by others must be credited to the author# photographer# artist# etc. Supplies: Most supplies are pro$ided. I would li!e# howe$er# "or students to bring in a noteboo! or s!etchboo! dedicated to this class# two pencils# one pin! or white erasers# two "ine tip blac! mar!ers# one regular blac! mar!er and a baggie o" some !ind to !eep them in.