Aiki do Summe r C a mp

Wólka Nadbuzna // Poland 04 to 10 August 2014

Matoian shihan Kyoshi 6 dan DNBK
each day 3 trainings aikishintaiso tachi waza weapons

The dojo and the resort are situated in a landscaped park in a pine wood near the Bug river, 10 km from Siemiatycze near Bialystok to Lublin road (140 km from Warsaw). The unique microclimate of the Podlaski Przelom Bugu in the ‘Poland’s green lungs’.

Accommodation and full board Fees

3 mutual meals in the canteen a day (homemade dishes) and sleeping either in cabins for 2, 3 or4 persons, either in tents. All aikido and aikishintaiso trainings - 300 pln All aikido trainings - 250 pln All aikishintaiso trainings - 150 pln Only one training - 30 pln Accomodation - 70 pln a person per day. Only sleeping - 40 pln per person per day A tent, no matter how many people - 35 pln

Accommodation and full board or accommodation only should be ordered in advance: