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refers to the habitual or assumed alignment and

balance of the body segments over base of support. Good posture is judged when one is standing or sitting.

Good Posture is valuable for appearance since it

influences the concept other s have of the individual. Ones posture may even influence self-concept and attitude of mind.
Poor Posture may be the result of several causes

including weak musculature, faulty diet, fatigue, disease, arthritis, vision and hearing defects, overweight and obesity, skeletal defects, faulty postural habits and injuries such as back strain.

is one aspect of total fitness.

it implies soundness of such body organs as the heart and lungs, a human mechanism that performs efficiently under exercise or work conditions, and a reasonable measure of skill in the performance of physical activities. - the ability of the body to perform ones daily tasks efficiently without undue fatigue and still has some extra reserve in case of emergency.