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NAME:----------------------ROLL NUM:-----------------PAEPER:CHEMISTRY TICK THE RIGHT ANSWER? CLASS:9TH NEW TOTAL MARKS:75 O.MARKS-----------

1. Which one of the following can be separated by physical means? a)mixture b)element c)compound d)radical 2. The mass of one molecule of water is? a)l18 amu b)18g c)18mg d)18kg 3. The third abundant gas found in earth crust is? a)carbon monoxide b)oxygen c)nitrogen d)argon 4. How many numbers of moles are equivalent to 8 grams of C ? a)o.15 b)0.18 c)0.21 d)0.24 5. A piece of matter in pure state is called? a)mixture b)solid c)solution d)substance 6. Formula of sulphuric acid is? a) b)NaCl c) d)N 7. Valiancy of sodium is? a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4 8. In 1886 Goldstein discovered? a)atoms b)molecules c)protons d)electrons 9. Which of the following shell consists of three sub shells? a)O-shell b)L-shell c)N-shell d) M-shell 10. Rutherford was awarded Nobel prize in? a)1908 b)1907 c)1980 d)1913 11. Mass of proton is more then the mass of electron? a)1826times b)1840times c)1860times d)1810times 12. An element have atomic number 17 how many electrons are present in k shell? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 5 13. A patient has goiter. How will it detected? a)U-235 b)U-234 c)I-131 d)none