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Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I, Apostle Essie M. Williams el!omes ea!

h and ever" mem#ers, visitors, and friends to our $%%& Courageous Women of 'aith Conferen!e. Our (heme this "ear is Women founding favor ith God) Lu*e +,-%. (his !onferen!e is designed to en!ourage the full parti!ipation of omen and to rightfull" prepare them for servi!e in the !hur!h. God has a plan for the omen of the !hur!h toda". /ust as he did for the omen In the #i#le da"s.. (here ere man" great omen ho as favored #" God though0out the 1i#le. One of the great omen as Miriam, ho as one of the three leaders God set in pla!e at the head of the ne l" gathered !ongregation of Israel. She as a prophetess. An another great oman of faith as 2e#orah. She as a prophetess and a /udge. (hen there as 3uldah a prophetess ho authenti!ated the s!roll dis!overed in the da"s of Josiah Moreover, there as Anna a prophetess ho hi!h departed not from the temple, #ut served God ith fasting and pra"er night and da". in Lu*e $.-4. In addition, e find 5ris!illa and Mar", )fello hospitalit" or*ers) that la#or in the Chur!h. And then, there as Sarah, 6uth,77 and man" more omen ho found and are still finding favor ith God. We must not !onfuse favor 8approving, !onsideration, attention 9 ith favoritism.8partialit" , unfair preferen!e, #ias9. 1e!ause all are )e:ual) in the e"es of God, ho sho s no favoritism. And no ma" the pea!e of God, hi!h passes all understanding, *eep "our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. and the fello ship of the Saints #e ith "ou all al a"s. Amen