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Overseer Lee Johnson was born to the late Parentage of Homer Johnson and Mary Baxter on November 24th

194 !n "#artanb$rg "% &arol!na% H!s w!fe' (ernell Johnson' of )9 years s$rv!ves h!m% He leaves to *her!shes h!s memory 4 *h!ldren+ Leonard ,s-ew ' Ja*.$elyn /Lavorn0 Jones' 1eborah Johnson' "haron Johnson' 1) 2rand*h!ldren' )2reat 2rand*h!ldren and a lov!ng 2od 1a$ghter' Lavell Lathan' ) brother Homer Johnson of (!rg!n!a Bea*h 3la%' J!mmy Johnson of &h!*ago 4ll%' 5!*- Johnson of Ph!ladel#h!a Pa%' 2 "!ster Mary Johnson of 6ash!ngton 1%&% and "h!rley Johnson of Ph!ladel#h!a Pa%' 1 "!sters7!n laws and 8 brothers !n laws% 9arly !n L!fe Overseer Lee Johnson :o!ned M!ra*le 1el!veran*e &h$r*h of Ma*on 2a% $nder the leadersh!# of the Late 9tta P!n-ney% 4n 19;4' Overseer Lee Johnson relo*ated to 3lor!da w!th h!s fam!ly% "oon after *om!ng to 3lor!da' Overseer Johnson :o!ned "t% <homas &%O%2%4%& $nder the Pastor!alsh!# of Pastor 5$th "am# = B!sho# <hom#% He be*ame the Pastor of M!ra*le 1el!veran*e &%O%2%4%&% / 0' B!ble ,*t <em#le / 4nd!an <own 3la%0 He was #romoted to s$#er!ntendent of Palm Bea*h 1!str!*t &% O%2%4%& of 6estern 3la% J$r!sd!*t!on /,*ts <em#le' B!ble <em#le' >n!ted 1el!veran*e' &rown 3a!th = Love of 2lory !n <!me0% <he Lord lead h!m ba*!nto Pastor!al7sh!# of L!ght of the 6orld &h$r*h ?2 $nder the Leadersh!# of ,#ostle Johnn!e L% Jones and 9vangel!st 5$th!e Jones of <am#a 3la% <hro$gh 5ev Johnson l!fet!me of #astor and s$#er!ntentent% <hro$gh Overseer Johnson l!fet!me% He met "everan*e &hr!st!an 1evoted 3r!ends ,#ostltle Johnn!e L%Jones /@ Aears0' 5ev Johnn!e 6ash!ngton/) Aears0 and ,#ostle 9ss!e 6!ll!ams