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181 Everglade Crest. Kitchener, Ontario, N2E 3Y8

Phone: 519-590-7882 Home: 519-570-0891 Email: aleksvukk@gmail.com

Objective Professional Synopsis

To obtain an Electronics Engineering Co-op position within your company which will require me to utilize my skills and abilities to ensure the companys success. Innovative problem solver and team player recognized for process efficiency improvement Fast-paced, adaptive learner with an aptitude for understanding new concepts and processes Strong time and project management skills developed through academic endeavours Design, simulate, prototype and test electronic circuits Familiar with Audio/Visual setup of microphones, speakers and projectors Perform production and prototype assembly Troubleshoot and repair electronic circuits and microcontroller boards Design, build, program and test microcontroller based systems Electronic hardware design and development using MultiSim, Ultiboard, ISOPro and T-Tech Milling Knowledge of a Power Supply, Function Generator, Multimeter and Oscilloscope to troubleshoot electrical circuits Vast experience with electronic analysis hardware, soldering and prototyping Comprehensive programming knowledge with C, C++, Interactive-C, Assembly and practice with programmable logic devices Extensive use of MS Office Professional, expertise using MS Project for efficient project management Ability to produce thorough technical documents and reports Ongoing design processes, troubleshooting and testing thoroughly documented in a log book Familiar with 2D and 3D modelling using SolidWorks Kitchener, Ontario October 2010 Present

Technical Skills & Abilities

Work Experience

Real Canadian Superstore

Bakery Clerk/Assistant Demonstrates outstanding customer service Control of food and waste reduction Skilled in personalizing cake messages Distribute and organise inventory throughout the bakery department

Vemma Nutrition
Direct Sales Representative

Kitchener, Ontario April July 2013

Marketed the production of Vemma nutritional supplements through social networking Recruited 13 personnel onto the local Vemma team September October 2013


DC Multimeter

Designed and developed a functional Multimeter integrated a single/dual range Ammeter, Voltmeter and Ohmmeter onto a breadboard Built to measure single and dual ranges of Current, Voltage and Resistance October November 2013

Magnetic Field Meter

Designed and constructed a Magnetic Field Meter to measure the magnetic field emitted from any electronic device Application of both hardware and software concepts including breadboarding, sensors and programmable logic devices November December 2013

Antonymous Robot

Designed and built the entire robot out of Lego Programmed the Handy Board (microcontroller) using interactive C Robot Participated in Egg Hunt competition avoiding obstacles while capturing/detecting eggs and returning them to home nest January 2014

Digital Clock

Reverse engineered a digital clock followed by the design and construction of my own clock Accuracy of time is within a 5 minute error margin after a 24 hour running period Adjustable 12-hour and 24-hour modes

Audio Amplifier
Designed and built a fully functioning audio amplifier including: o DC Power supply unit o Audio input device: a music player or a microphone o Audio Output Device: 8-ohm 15W speaker

January - Present


Conestoga College School of Engineering and Information Technology

Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT.) Integrated Telecommunications and Computer Technologies

August 2013 - Present

Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute

September 2010 - June 2013


Technology Photography Basketball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Weightlifting Fashion