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Caitlin B. Eising (B.S.N., R.N.

301.920.4671 * caitlineising@gmail.com * 848 Hall St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI, 49507
COLLEGE ACCOMPLISHMENTS Vice President Nurses Christian Fellowship Treasurer Nurses Christian Fellowship Mephibosheth Scholarship Recipient from 2009-2011 TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES CERNER EPIC IV Pumps (multiple types) Glucometers Dynamap EKG Machine Ventilators Nebulizers Chest Drainage Systems AED


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Calvin College, 2011, GPA - 3.14 Michigan RN License, #4704286911

Summer 2008 PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES OF ALEXANDRIA - Data Entry Technician

Transferred vaccination records from paper to electronic, becoming familiar with vaccine combinations and production companies so as to enter data appropriately and report missing info Successfully maintained HIPPAA confidentiality Supported leadership by managing administrative deadlines and following up with families on necessary paper work Organized student files and portfolios to maintain accurate records and report missing information to authorities Exposed to diverse medical situations on the Medical Surgical Floor, providing volunteer assistance to extremely busy staff Developed rapport with patients by listening to their stories, showing compassion, bringing water and providing in-hospital transportation


2003 - 2004 RED CROSS (WALTER REED MEDICAL CENTER) - Medical Assistant

ROTATIONS (4 Semesters, 2009-2011)

Empathy PEDIATRIC: Butterworth Hospital

Provided holistic care to children by collaborating with nurses and listening attentively to families on how to best coordinate effective treatment plans. Developed rapport with children while performing assessments, intuiting sensitive methods of care.
Ability to MEDICAL SURGICAL: Butterworth Hospital handle stress Handled semi-intensive care patients on the Progressive Care Floor, remaining calm and providing reassurance to patients in a high-

stress environment. Conscientiously managed patient intake and treatment evaluation while multi-tasking. Oversaw blood transfusions.

Teacher MATERNAL/ NEWBORN: Butterworth Hospital & Learner Shadowed Home Visiting Nurse on the Mother/ Baby floor, handling multiple assessments of babies and mothers. Listened to each

familys details in order to provide tailored education for each mother and her new born. Witnessed vaginal and caesarean bir ths.

Tenacity MENTAL HEALTH: Pine Rest

Utilized the nursing process to work with patients who were being treated for severe mental illnesses. Remained calm in a lockdown ward, establishing relationships with patients while helping them learn effective coping skills. Delegated care among Nurses Assistants under the direction of a Preceptor on the Medical Surgical Floor. Handled a 4 patient load with organization and competence, performing assessments and charting independently. Educated patients throughout the treatment process and provided discharge instructions. Received lab work results and reported patient status to physicians. Provided low income families with medical resource consultations. Administered compassionate care to patients who visited our clinic for the uninsured. Assisted physicians with minor procedures and routine tasks. Audited diabetic files and presented results to physicians for enhanced care. Wrote a grant to fund an exercise class. Surveyed local neighborhood to gauge effectiveness of our services.

Initiative LEADERSHIP: Metro Health

Compassion COMMUNITY HEALTH: Burton Heights Neighborhood

Adejoke Ayoola - Calvin Nursing Faculty (616.526.6059, aba3@calvin.edu) Sheryl Davis - Nurse Manager (703.924.2100, sheryldavis@alexandriapediatrics.com) Muriel Larson - Calvin Nursing Faculty (605.321.3202, ml33@calvin.edu) Diane Slager - Calvin Nursing Faculty and Community Rotation Instructor (616.780.1112) Melissa Tamminga - Medical Surgical Clinical Instructor (616.526.7811)