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Esri CityEngine Basics

This video is a step-by-step guide for creating a basic city within CityEngine version 2008.2. http://video.arcgis.com/watch/920/esri-cityengine-basics

Video Transcription
00:02 Hello everyone and welcome to the CityEngine basics tutorial. 00:06 My name is Andy and I'm going to show you how to create a city from scratch. 00:10 First, we're going to create a CityEngine project, call it "firstCity." 00:19 And we also need a scene. 00:23 So we're going to create a new CityEngine Scene. 00:26 Select the correct folder for this one. 00:31 And we have our scene. 00:34 Next, we're going to create some streets by firing up the Grow Street dialog. 00:39 Many parameters we just stick with the defaults apply the streets and close it out. 00:45 And zoom out by using the Frame All button. 00:48 And we have a first street network. 00:53 We are now going to create lot shapes in between the street networks... 00:57 ...again using the defaults. 00:59 You see the street blocks here. 01:01 I'm going to hide the street network layer now in the SceneEditor. 01:06 Selecting the lot layer and subdivide those lots again using the defaults. 01:13 We now have these lots of our first small city. 01:17 For the second step, I'm going to change the layout to the Grammar Editing... 01:21 ...as we're going to do some we're going to need some CGA rules to create the buildings. 01:31 I'm going to create a new CGA Grammar File. 01:38 Which you see here, I write a first rule, called, "Lot." 01:42 And take the extrude command command-completion with the CTRL+SPACE...

01:46 ...and then I want to extrude it to 12 meters. 01:51 I want to save this file, and assign the rule file to the lot size, select this one here... 02:00 ...select a small area of my city and generate the buildings. 02:03 Here they are. 02:06 I prepared a little more, a little longer rule, I'll paste it in here, save it, and... 02:18 ...regenerate one of the buildings. 02:22 Framing here to this building and you see that it's more detailed. 02:27 It has a window assets loaded in. 02:33 Note that these attributes here were declared. 02:37 They show up over here in the Inspector. 02:40 We can change those values here. 02:41 For example, I changed the window width from 2-to-4 meters. 02:45 Again, generate and see how the windows are as double as wide as before.

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