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Academic: We will read ch. 13-14 and finish writing our notecards for our Expository Essay.
Behavior: We will stay on task and be respectful.

Creating: How would you make a connection to the prompt? Evaluating: Is Tris brave? Analyzing: What makes someone brave? Applying: How do the notecards enhance your understanding of the Expository Essay?

Engaging Activity

Ch. 13-14 Partner Read Quiz Notecards 3 & 4 -Expository Essay

I will peer edit/revise a neighbors connect it notecard.


Get your book out and start reading.
If you dont have a book, Ill bring you one in a minute.

Combine the following sentences (make them 1 complete sentence) using the AAAWWUBBIS in parenthesis. Challenge yourself by putting the AAAWWUBBIS at the beginning of the sentence. The team won the game. They didnt practice all week. (although)



Paul insisted on seeing the movie. He likes westerns. (because)

1. Although they didnt practice all week, the team won the game. The team won the game although they didnt practice all week.

2. Because he likes westerns, Paul insisted on seeing the movie. Paul insisted on seeing the movie because he likes westerns.

CH. 13-14

Why does Tris take Als spot? What does that say about her character (who she is)?

CH. 13-14 QUIZ

You have 10 minutes to take the 10 question quiz.

Define it -define the prompt -write your truism -add one more sentence
Connect it -explain a time from a movie, tv show, history, etc. that someone put/did not put others before themselves.

Remember it -explain a time you did/did not put someone before yourself.
So what? -bring your essay to a close -what is the take away (what do you want the reader to know)? -Check the prompt: did you stay on topic?

Explain an example from a movie, book, TV show, or hypothetical situation that supports your thesis IN DETAIL
Explain WHY this support your thesis
Remember you need a because or an as a result in this paragraph

What is the take home from your essay (what you want the reader to know?

Remember to connect back to your thesis.

1. Trade rough drafts with a person at your table. 2. Read their Connect it paragraph. 3. Write down any questions that you have for them about the topic so they know where they can add details. 4. Underline where they have noted the title of the book, movie, or TV show if they used one.

1. In the book Divergent,