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How to build a Drift Trike

Published by Adam Crouchley

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l'm Adam Crouchley, founder of www.d-Lrlkes.com. l sLarLed drlfL
Lrlklng ln 2009 and slnce we seL up Lhe webslLe, Lhe worldwlde drlfL
Lrlke communlLy has gone from sLrengLh Lo sLrengLh.

8ulldlng a drlfL Lrlke ls a loL of fun and very rewardlng. ?ou can be as
creaLlve as you llke when you are bulldlng your Lrlke and you may
[usL learn a few Lhlngs abouL physlcs and englneerlng. 1hls ebook
won'L Lell you exacLly whaL you need Lo do, because everyone has
access Lo dlfferenL Lools and parLs. 1hls e-book wlll glve you Lhe Llps
and show you Lhe Lrlcks you need Lo successfully use Lhe parLs you
can geL your hands on.

AL Lhe compleLlon of Lhls book you wlll be able Lo bulld an enLry level
drlfL Lrlke and sLarL en[oylng Lhe buzz of downhlll drlfL Lrlklng!

1he meLhods and sLyles used ln Lhls book are meLhods LhaL have
worked and are proven. 1here are a loL of meLhods LhaL are beLLer
buL Lake a loL more Llme or money Lo geL a slmllar resulL.

l would llke Lo Lhank all Lhe guys around Lhe world LhaL regularly
solve peoples problems on our webslLe. WlLh ouL you guys, drlfL
Lrlklng would noL be whaL lL ls Loday.

8lghL from Lhe sLarL, we would llke Lo polnL ouL LhaL drlfL Lrlklng can
be a dangerous sporL, you wlll be rldlng on publlc roads and ofLen
wlLh oLher Lrafflc. ?ou musL always follow Lhe road rules, local laws ln
your sLaLe/counLry and you always wear safeLy gear. We speak on
Lhls Loplc from experlence.

SafeLy flrsL. 8lde safe.


3$"**2*4 5'0. #02$/

!""#$ &"'()* +",-+ !" -**.
Angle grlnder or slmllar
LlecLrlc drlll
SockeL seL
SafeLy glasses and earmuffs

Llke any pro[ecL, you need Lo plan your bulld from Lhe sLarL so you
can geL lL flnlshed and geL ouL Lhere slldlng!

uraw your Lrlke ouL ln flne deLall. Work ouL whaL parLs you have and
whaL you're golng Lo need. 8emember Lhe number one rule when
bulldlng a drlfL Lrlke,

!Light, Strong, Cheap . . . Pick two"

10$,2 3*0$')*3*-!$
1here has been a loL of Lalk around ldeal wheelbase for a drlfL Lrlke
and Lo daLe Lhls ls Lhe besL we've seen. Axle Lo axle lengLh (fronL Lo
rear) ls besL around 1000mm -1100mm and wldLh ouLslde Lo ouLslde
of wheels around 900mm ls good.

When you mounL your seaL, your seaL should be seL so LhaL Lhe rear
axle slLs around 100-200mm behlnd your lower back.


A frame can be bullL ln any deslgn, buL Lhe fronL end needs Lo be
made from a blcycle of some descrlpLlon. 1hls can be a 8Mx,
mounLaln blke or even a plLblke fronL end. 1he mosL common cholce
ls 8Mx because Lhey are cheap Lo geL hold of and Lhe small 20"
wheel doesn'L rub on your leg llke Lhe larger mounLaln blke wheel

Pic 1 A bike to start with
Pic 2 frame cut
Pic 3 Top bar on frame. This can be custom built, see pic 7


When you are chooslng a blcycle
Lo Lear aparL, flrsL check whaL
klnd of sLeel Lhe blke ls made
from. lf lL ls alloy, you wlll need
Lo 1lC weld Lhe frame.

Some people use more of Lhe
blke frame when bulldlng Lhelr
drlfL Lrlke, buL ofLen Lhese frames
wlll break [usL ln fronL of Lhe seaL. normally a blcycle doesn'L bear so
much load aL Lhls polnL.

Pic 5 Original lower bar from the bicycle is retained

MosL commonly used for Lhe
frame ls 2" (31mm) exhausL
Lublng wlLh a 1.6 or 2mm wall.
SomeLlmes 8PS ls used for Lhe
frame Loo.

1he 2 gusseLs as shown ln lc 6
greaLly lmprove a drlfL Lrlkes
sLrengLh. Where Lhe gusseLs are
on Lhe below Lrlke ls where a frame ls mosL llkely Lo snap, and Lhey
ofLen do lf noL relnforced.
Pic 4 Most frames have their own style
Pic 6 Shows gussets added for extra


use whaL you can Lo supporL
parLs when assembllng your
frame. 1ack lL LogeLher and Lhen
measure lL up Lo make sure lL ls
square. 1urn Lhe fronL wheel Lo
90 degrees Lo make sure Lhe
frame doesn'L hlL Lhe ground aL
full lock.

lc 8 shows abouL Lhe rlghL amounL of angle for Lhe headplece/forks,
ofLen referred Lo as 'rake'. 1hls ls hard Lo measure Lhe angle of,
especlally whlle bulldlng a Lrlke wlLh no wheels on lL.
Peadplece should be beLween 13 and 23 degrees from verLlcal.
Closer Lo 13 degrees for a low speed Lrlke, more angle lf you are
bulldlng a Lrlke for hlgh speed use.

Pic 8 Note the desired fork angle
Pic 7 A frame built from scratch



1here are 3 common Lypes of wheels LhaL are used,
- 8eplacemenL wheels llke Puffy Creen Machlne wheels !"#$ &'
- Co-karL wheels !"#$ ()'
- 1rolley wheels !"#$ (('

All 3 opLlons are greaL for dlfferenL appllcaLlons and resources LhaL
you have access Lo. Some are more sulLed Lo hlgh speed runs and

)45678494:; 567<;=8 >?446< are an easy flL for your new drlfL
Lrlke. 1hese are sold as replacemenL wheels for Lhe llkes of Lhe Puffy
Creen Machlne or Lhe 8lg urlfL Lrlke from Mad uog Cycles. 1hese use
a 12mm axle and are hollow plasLlc.
/@A< - easlly lnLerchangeable, Lhese can be held on wlLh [usL a
spllL pln or nylon lock nuL. 1hey are cheap Lo buy, llghL welghL and ln
mosL case Lhey are falrly easy Lo source.
2A:< - Lhey wear ouL fasL on coarse chlp and because Lhey are
made of hollow plasLlc Lhey are very nolsy. 1he lnsldes have been
known Lo heaL up and melL lf Lhey rub Lhe axle houslng (buL lubrlcanL
helps wlLh Lhls problem).

Pic 9 Huffy Green Machine wheels


+ABC7@; >?446< are a common flLmenL and are Lhe fronL Llres from
a sLandard go-karL. SLandard slzlng ls 10x4.3 lnch. 1he Llre ls deflaLed
and a plasLlc sleeve ls puL over Lhe Llre. 1he Llre ls Lhen re-lnflaLed
whlch holds Lhe plasLlc ln place.

/@A< - Sleeves are easlly lnLerchangeable. 1he low frlcLlon
bearlng rear end wlll handle anyLhlng you Lhrow aL lL and lL wlll
pracLlcally be malnLenance free. 1hey are very quleL compared Lo
replacemenL wheels.
2A:< - Co-karL wheels are heavler. 1hls does noL so much
effecL operaLlon of Lhe drlfL Lrlke buL you wlll be llfLlng Lhe Lrlke onLo
a Lraller or Lruck many Llmes Lhrough Lhe day.

Pic 10 Go-kart wheels with PVC or PE sleeves


!@A664DE6=F; ;@G8C >?446< are also a common flLmenL buL only
recommended for people under 70kg and aL low speeds (under
20mph). As plcLured, Lhese are wheels you can buy from any local
hardware sLore and mounLed slmllar Lo Lhe go-karL wheels. We
recommend you only use vC on Lhese, as L wlll puL exLra sLress on
Lhe wheel/Llre and may cause lL Lo buckle. 1o help Lhe Llre blnd Lo Lhe
sleeve some people use glue or sLlck sand paper on Lhe lnslde of Lhe
/@A< - Cheap and easy Lo obLaln
2A:< - 1he sleeve can easlly move lf lL does noL blnd Lo Lhe
Llre. 1he bearlngs on Lhese are ofLen weak and noL raLed for hlgh
speed. 1he Llres are Lhln so don'L provlde Lhe sleeve wlLh much
horlzonLal conLacL. 1hese Llres ofLen puncLure and/or bursL.

Pic 11 Trolley/lift truck wheels

Sleeves can be made from any klnd of plasLlc as long as lL's sLrong.
Slmple deflaLe Lhe Llre, swap Lhe sleeve and re-lnflaLe. 1he mosL
common Lypes of sleeves are polyeLhylene (L) or polyvlnyl chlorlde
(vC). Sleeves can be any Lhlckness, buL vC wlll spllL when lL wears
down. lL ls recommended Lo use over 4mm sleeves. keep ln mlnd Lhe
Lhlcker your sleeves are, Lhe longer Lhey wlll lasL.

!?4 H=FF4@4:84
I4;>44: /* 7:H /J2
L has a sofLer
compound Lhan vC,
glvlng lL beLLer
adheslon Lo Lhe road
surface. vC ls a
common cholce for
roads wlLh a slower
decenL, where as L ls
beLLer for hlgh
speed/sLeeper roads.

vC commonly shaLLers lf sLruck by a rock, curb or caLs eye. lf you are
half way Lhrough a drlfL when Lhe vC sleeve shaLLers, Lhe posslblllLy
of a crash ls hlgh. MosL replacemenL wheels are made from L.

Pic 13 PE sleeves fitted
Pic 12 PE sleeves on go-kart wheels


<'0*+2*4 =9%%$,
)45678494:; >?446< requlre a 12mm axle ln mosL cases. ?ou can
weld shorL lengLhs of 12mm rod Lo Lhe frame or run a lengLh of rod
runnlng rlghL Lhrough Lhe frame. 1hls
12mm rod wlll need Lo be a hlgh grade
sLeel Lo avold flexlng and bendlng. A rod
full lengLh axle wlll requlre bushes of some
descrlpLlon, whlch wlll need Lo be olled
frequenLly Lo reduce frlcLlon, drag and
heaL. 1hese bushes can be plasLlc or nylon
and wlll need Lo be pressed lnLo Lhe

MounLlng bearlngs can be done a number
of ways, buL here's how you can add
bearlngs Lo Lhe rear end of your Lrlke falrly

8earlngs have a loL less frlcLlon Lhan
bushes. 1hls wlll make your Lrlke sllghLly
fasLer and bearlngs wlll noL heaL up and
melL Lhe lnsldes of your wheels llke bushes
someLlmes can. 8earlngs are also
malnLenance free. As long as you have
decenL bearlngs, you wlll noL need Lo
lubrlcaLe or replace Lhem elLher.

Pic 14 - Bearings


8earlngs are pressed lnLo each end of a shorL lengLh of Lhlck wall
Lube (Lop). 8earlngs musL have 12mm lnLernal dlameLer for Lhe axle.
1wo holes are drllled and Lhreaded on each slde for grub screws Lo
hold Lhe houslng ln place wlLhln Lhe Lrlke frame.

1he axle ls slmply a
12mm hlgh Lenslle
bolL, aL whaL ever
lengLh you requlre,
and can be spaced
wlLh washers. Make
sure Lo use a washer
or Lwo beLween Lhe
bearlng and Lhe

1he bearlng houslng slLs ln Lhe frame of Lhe Lrlke and ls held wlLh Lhe
4 grub screws. 1hls provldes a low frlcLlon rear end and keeps Lhe
Lrlke very llghLwelghL.

Pic 15 Fitting of 12mm axle with bearings
Pic 16 Bearing diagram with 12mm axles


+ABC7@; >?446< wlll
requlre sLubs. SLubs for
Lhese wheels wlll need Lo
be 16mm and have a
Lhread Lurned on Lhe end,
Lhls ls Lhen welded lnLo or
onLo your axle sLeel. 1hese
make lL very easy Lo
change wheels, Lhey
enable you Lo run wlLh a
full bearlng carLrldge and
are malnLenance free.

1hey can also be mounLed by presslng a uPMWL (hlgh quallLy) bush
lnLo your frame, whlch wlll hold a lengLh of 16mm Lhreaded rod as
shown above ln plc 19.

Wheels can be held ln wlLh nuLs on
Lhreaded rod or wlLh a hlgh quallLy spllL
pln and washers. 1hls ls only an opLlon lf
your axle ls splnnlng wlLh Lhe wheels,
deflnlLely noL sulLable for sLub axles.

Pic 17 Bushes holding threaded rod (Redback Tricycles)

Pic 18 Green Machine wheel
mounted with split pin

8ushes are a very easy way Lo mounL a rear axle lnslde a lengLh of
exhausL Lube. use a lengLh of 2mm x 31mm exhausL Lube, abouL
630mm long, and press Lhe bushes lnLo each end.

Pic 19 - Bushes

8ushlng klLs are avallable by cllcklng PL8L

6BCD! 8@AAE:
lronL wheels are normally a blcycle wheel. 16" or 20" fronL wheels
are besL. lf you use a 24" or 26" wheel you
are llkely Lo burn your leg a loL whlle
drlfLlng, because when you Lurn Lhe
sLeerlng Lo full lock, Lhe Llre wlll hlL your
leg. 1hls wlll happen someLlmes wlLh a 20"
wheel Loo, so lL ls recommended Lo use a
sllck/ramp sLyle 8Mx Llre lnsLead of an
offroad/dlrL sLyle Llre.

Pic 20 - Bushes
Pic 21

?ou're drlfL Lrlke needs Lo have brakes. lf you rlde wlLhouL brakes
your LempLlng faLe. lf you rlde wlLh poor brakes, you're [usL as llkely
Lo come off second besL Lo a car, Lree or a drop down a sLeep sLony

lf you've sLarLed wlLh a
good blke Lo base your
pro[ecL off, you'll have
brakes already seL up.

?ou'll wanL Lo upgrade
Lhe pads Lo some decenL
ones, because now you
only have fronL brakes
where Lhe blke was
orlglnally deslgned Lo
have fronL and rear

Make sure your brake pads are slLLlng rlghL on Lhe rlm. lf your 8Mx
come wlLh a plasLlc brake lever lL's worLh upgradlng Lo an alloy
leaver. 1hls wlll glve your Lrlke more movemenL ln Lhe leaver and less

Pic 22 U-brakes from a BMX


?ou wlll need somewhere Lo resL your feeL and Lhe mosL common ls
8Mx pegs. 1hese screw onLo Lhe end of your axle.

lf you don'L have pegs, you can weld some bars Lo Lhe folks. ?ou can
weld Lhem as per flg or you can puL Lhem hlgher, whaL ever feels

Pic 24 Pegs welded on. Perfect if you cant get BMX pegs

Pic 23 BMX pegs



?our seaL can be made of anyLhlng. We've seen beer craLes, recycllng
blns, buckeLs and shovelheads used as seaLs. ?our seaL needs Lo be
well mounLed and sLable. MosL common seaLs Lo use are go-karL
seaLs, Lhere are a huge amounL of companles maklng greaL flberglass

8elow ls a Madazz 1rlkes seaL, made ln nZ buL Lhey shlp

Pic 25 A Madazz Trikes seat


B2/2*4 5'0. /.2(+ +.2I%

?ou need Lo be safe when you are drlfL Lrlklng.

?ou wlll need a full face helmeL and covered arms and legs aL
mlnlmum. A good ldea ls gloves and elbow pads, and a loL of drlfL
Lrlkers use knee pads, hl vlslblllLy vesLs and neck braces Loo.

?ou wlll have crashes, expecL Lhem and be prepared.

When rldlng aL nlghL always have a fronL and rear llghL. ?ou need Lo
have a whlLe fronL llghL Lo help you see where you're golng and you
need a red rear llghL so Lrafflc can see you. 1hese are cheap, slmple
Lo lnsLall and save llves.

8e conslderaLe of moLorlsLs and resldenLs. 1hlnk abouL how much
nolse your Lrlke ls maklng lf you're rldlng aL nlghL, avold quleL sLreeLs
where people are sleeplng.

useful webslLes,


Alloy """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" #
1*0),-+$ """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $%
8Mx """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" &
8Mx pegs """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $'
8rake leaver """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $(
)*+,-. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $(
)/.0-. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $#
Crashes """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $1
uegrees """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
llberglass seaLs """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $2
34567 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" &
3*89: ;0--<. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $#
lull face helmeL """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $1
Co-karL wheels """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" '= 2= $&
Creen Machlne wheels """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" '
CusseLs """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
Peadplece """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
Plgh speed Lrlke """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
LengLh """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" >
Low speed Lrlke """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
3*0$')*3*-!$ """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" >
MoLorlsLs """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $1
/* """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $$
?-@. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $'
/#0--,-+ """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" >
/J2 """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $$
8ake """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
)45678494:; 567<;=8 >?446< """"""""""""""""""""""" '
8esldenLs """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $1
8ldlng aL nlghL """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $1
SafeLy """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $1
.75AB """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $2
.<--C-. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $D
SLrengLh """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" (
1lres """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $#
!""#$ """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" >
1rolley wheels """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" '
!@A664DE6=F; ;@G8C >?446< """"""""""""""""""""""""""""" 1
uPMWL """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" $&
Wheelbase """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" >
;E77FB """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" '
WldLh """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" >


C+9%. A/2+2'*,
1hls book ls Lhe flrsL of a serles. 1he resL of Lhe serles wlll cover more deLalled parLs of bulldlng and modlfylng your drlfL
Lrlke. 1hls wlll lnclude Lechnlcal plcLures, plans and deLalls abouL how Lo upgrade your drlfL Lrlke Lo lnclude pedals, dlsc
brakes and hlgh speed bearlng rear ends. lL wlll Leach you how drlfL Lrlke compeLlLlons work wlLh a deLalled secLlon abouL
how Lhe [udglng ls done.
1hls book has been wrlLLen based on personal experlence and Lhe Lechnlcal knowledge of Lhe good guys aL www.d-
Lrlkes.com/forum. WlLhouL Lhelr conLrlbuLlons Lhls book would noL of been posslble. l would llke Lo Lhank every one of
you for your lmpuL. Sorry lf you have been lefL off Lhe below llsL,

uave aL 8edback 1rlcycles, Aaron aL Madazz 1rlkes, Sam larquharson, Mark Slssons, 1odd CurLls, Andy Callagher, Andrew
8alrd, kenny 8uddell and Lhe crew aL S8nz, Alex 8uLLerfleld, 8hyland and a whole loL more!
LlmlL of LlablllLy and ulsclalmer of WarranLy: 1he publlsher has used lLs besL efforLs ln preparlng Lhls book, and Lhe
lnformaLlon provlded hereln ls provlded "as ls." uorl Medla makes no represenLaLlon or warranLles wlLh respecL Lo Lhe
accuracy or compleLeness of Lhe conLenLs of Lhls book and speclflcally dlsclalms any lmplled warranLles of
merchanLablllLy or flLness for any parLlcular purpose and shall ln no evenL be llable for any loss of proflL or any oLher
commerclal damage, lncludlng buL noL llmlLed Lo speclal, lncldenLal, consequenLlal, or oLher damages.

1rademarks: 1hls book ldenLlfles producL names and servlces known Lo be Lrademarks, reglsLered Lrademarks, or servlce
marks of Lhelr respecLlve holders. 1hey are used LhroughouL Lhls book ln an edlLorlal fashlon only. ln addlLlon, Lerms
suspecLed of belng Lrademarks, reglsLered Lrademarks, or servlce marks have been approprlaLely caplLallzed, alLhough
uorl Medla cannoL aLLesL Lo Lhe accuracy of Lhls lnformaLlon. use of a Lerm ln Lhls book should noL be regarded as
affecLlng Lhe valldlLy of any Lrademark, reglsLered Lrademark, or servlce mark.

:9".2*4 +92, /'107%*+
1here was a loL of work LhaL wenL lnLo puLLlng Lhls documenL LogeLher. l can'L Lell you how many counLless hours are
spenL puLLlng LogeLher Lhe forum from whlch Lhls lnformaLlon was complled. 1haL means LhaL Lhls lnformaLlon has value,
and your frlends, nelghbors, and co-workers may wanL Lo share lL.

1he lnformaLlon ln Lhls documenL ls copyrlghLed. l would ask LhaL you do noL share Lhls lnformaLlon wlLh oLhers. ?ou
purchased Lhls book, and you have a rlghL Lo use lL on your sysLem. AnoLher person who has noL purchased Lhls book
does noL have LhaL rlghL. lL ls Lhe sales of Lhls valuable lnformaLlon LhaL makes Lhe conLlnued hosLlng and malnLenance of
www.d-Lrlkes.com posslble. lf enough people dlsregard LhaL slmple economlc facL, Lhe webslLe wlll no longer be vlable or

lf your frlends Lhlnk Lhls lnformaLlon ls valuable enough Lo ask you for lL, Lhey should Lhlnk lL ls valuable enough Lo
purchase on Lhelr own. AfLer all, Lhe prlce ls low enough LhaL [usL abouL anyone should be able Lo afford lL.

lL should go wlLhouL saylng LhaL you cannoL posL Lhls documenL or Lhe lnformaLlon lL conLalns on any elecLronlc bulleLln
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