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Cassella 2014

50 Days Policies Expectations Course Outline Attendance

Grading Policies: Tests/Essays (40%) (MC, terms, essay) Quizzes (25%) (MC, terms, essay) If absent, its your responsibility to schedule a make-up test/ quiz time

Projects (10%) (At home and in school research papers, oral presentations, group projects) Homework (15%)- (reading, research, etc. daily) Classwork/Participate (10%)- 1 living grade (daily contribution/ behavior) Late/ makeup workTests/Quizzes = within 5 school days or zero (only with excused absence) Homework = 15pts off each day late up to 3 days or a zero If absent, work must be handed in within 3 days upon returning to school for full credit Classwork = an excused absence will result in exemption from classwork that day **No extra credit- All work will be assigned with adequate time for completion and support is always available to you. Students should earn their grades based on the regular course work. Grade Breakdown Tests/Essays (40%) Quizzes (25%) Homework (15%) Projects (10%) Classwork/Participate (10%) Classroom Expectations:

I will treat you with respect by coming to class prepared, on time, and ready to learn, I can only ask the same from you. I have high academic expectations and a lot of enthusiasm for my student teaching experience. Talking in class and speaking in class are not necessarily the same. Do your best to recognize the difference. Cell phone use will not be tolerated unless instructed otherwise. Please refer to the student handbook for policies regarding inappropriate behavior and consequences.

Course Outline Sociology = 0.5 Credits The student is introduced to the basic methods and principles of sociology. Emphasis will be on personal development, family, group behavior, culture, class stratification, deviance, crime, and gender. The course stresses the development of critical thinking skills through an analysis of current events and the students own life.

Attendance More than 6 absences will equal loss of credit. Coming to class less than 10 minutes late equals a tardy (2 tardies = a cut), and more than 10 minutes equals a cut. Dont be late. Questions or Concerns? rcassella@northbranfordschools.org jcronk@northbranfordschools.org When in doubt, refer to our website: www.SS2014.weebly.com

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It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. -Aristotle