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Skyler Leiser

Email: leiser.skyler@gmail.com Phone: 724-994-8752

PERMANENT ADDRESS 4409 Frederick Drive New Kensington, PA 15068 EDUCATION Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA Bachelor of Science, May 2014 Major: Secondary Education - English and Communications / GPA: 3.84 License: PA Level 1 Certification English and Communications Grades 7 12, pending May 2014 Member: The Pennsylvania State Education Association


Mifflinburg High School, Mifflinburg, PA September 2013 November 2013 Pre-Service Teacher, Tenth Grade Honors Communications, approximately 90 Students Designed a writing assignment challenging honors students to modernize timeless conflicts and present their ideas through a script and a performance. Planned and executed interactive lessons for small and large groups of students focusing on PSAT preparation, thematic analysis, writing, and reading comprehension. Sought professional growth by collaborating with mentor teacher and attending in-service meetings about the PSSA state assessments, middle states, and Lexile reading measurements. Used various forms of technology, such as a Promethean SmartBoard, PowerPoint presentations, Prezi presentations, and YouTube videos to capture the attention of the millennial generation, increase relevancy, and make concepts more clear. A.E. O Block Junior High School, Plum, PA January 2014 April 2014 Student Teacher, 8th Grade English, approximately 165 Students Managed the classroom by using an alternative seating arrangement where the students change seats daily, which resulted in less distracting student behaviors, increased class participation, and collaboration with an array of classmates Used Howard Gardners Theory of Multiple Intelligences to create assignments that target audio, visual, kinesthetic, and artistic learners, such as constructing a fake crime scene to teach inferences and conclusions Adapted lessons and adjusted instruction for students with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. Continued integrating the various forms of technology listed above into the classroom.

Green Environmental Challenge for Kids Outreach Program September 2010- October 2011 Demonstrator Designed demonstrations to provide interactive environmental science lessons to students in grades K-8. Responsible for arranging program times and dates, communicating with classroom teachers, collaborating with colleagues, transporting materials, representing the program, and interacting with faculty members and the students at the schools. Educated young students about problems that affect the environment such as, the need to find alternative energy, explained possible solutions through hands-on activities, and brainstormed what the students could do to make a positive impact on the environment. Reference Available Upon Request