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Marketing Research Survey

Project Name:
Project Manager:
Submission: Ms. Malvika Mago

Prepared by:
Document Owner(s)
Komal Sharma
Shakti Mehra
Vikas Gupta

Product Description:

Nasha: Arabian Delights, is a proposed café, to be opened in the major

metropolitans of India.
The café will be themed on the Bedouin style of dinning which includes, lush
upholstery, divans, and shesha’s. Food and Drinks will be served in the
traditional Arabian style while the patron enjoys indigenous music and
entertainment from the Middle East. The café’s will be placed in popular malls
and shopping complexes regularly frequented by the masses. The Bedouin
theme will be a new experience for the Indian palate, as people will be able to
enjoy, exotic and never before experienced cuisines and beverages. Nasha is
a worldwide success with branches in New York, London and Tokyo, which
enjoy more than 300 footfalls daily.
For the first time Indian consumers will be to enjoy foreign delicacies within
their own cities, for both personal and business usage. Food and Beverage
items listed on the menu’s are directly imported from the Middle East and are
thus priced slightly higher (10%-15%) than other Café’s, like Shalom, Mocha,
Tabularasa and Urban Café.
Marketing Research Survey

Customer Questions:
ID Question Selection Response/Comments
1 What is your overall 1. Poor
perception of the 2. Average
3. Good
themed cafe described 4. Excellent
2 What do you like most
about this themed cafe?
3 What do you like least
about this Cafe?
4 Which level of quality 1 Low Quality
best describes this 2 Average Quality
3 Good Quality
themed cafe? 4 High Quality
5 Select how you feel 1 Not a Value
about the product 2 Average Value
3 Good Value
described above. 4 Excellent Value
6 How important are these 1 Not Important
features as being a part of 2 Neutral
this product? 3 Important
• Experience 4 Very Important
• Price
• Interesting
• Reputation
7 Please rate the importance of 1 Least Important 1.
each feature from 1 to 4: 2 Neutral 2.
• Value 3 Important 3.
• Convenience 4 Most Important 4.
• Affordability
• Name reputation

8 If the cafe were 1 Not Interested

available, would you be 2 Indifferent
interested in visiting it? 3 Somewhat
Please select your level Interested
4 Very Interested
of interest.
9 What would be your
main reason for visiting
this cafe?
10 Do you think Nasha is
charging a fair price for
its services?
11 If offered a discount, 1 Unlikely
would you be interested 2 Not sure
3 Would Consider
in becoming a patron? 4 Likely
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Marketing Research Survey

ID Question Selection Response/Comments

12 How would you rate the 1 Poor Value
value of this themed 2 Average Value
3 Good Value
cafe? 4 Excellent Value
13 Would you be likely to Yes
select this Cafe over No
other offerings from
other brands (Shalom,
Mocha, Tabularasa and
Urban Café)?

please explain why or
why not.
14 Have you visited a Yes
similar themed café? No
15 What would be your 1 Value
most important factors in 2 Best Performance
3 Name Recognition
choosing to visit this 4 High Quality
cafe? (Please select 5 Convenience
three.) 6 Price
7 Don’t Know
16 What is your age range? 1 20-29
2 30-39
3 40-49
4 Over 50
17 What is your income 1 20,000–29,000
range? 2 30,000–39,000
3 40,000–49,000
4 Over 50,000
18 In what area of the 1 North India
country do you live? 2 West India
3 South India
4 Central India
5 East India

Page 10/02/2009