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Most humbly I express my thanks to the supreme Ruler, the ALLAH

Almighty, the most Benevolent, ever Merciful, Whose divine helped me to
complete my Internship and this report Successfully.
Then I am thankful to the Institute of Management Studies, University of
Peshawar, which provided me such a great opportunity of practical work to
enhance my knowledge about day-to-day working of the Banking.
I am also thankful to my advisor Mr.Naveed, who supervised my writing
activity. The staff in the MCB Main Branch Mardan was very cooperative,
they helped me a lot in my work. I am specially thanked full to Mr.fazli Rabi
who guided me and helped me during my internship program. I am also
thankful to all the staff of MCB Main Branch Mardan who co-operated me. I
am also very thankful to my friends Mr. Ali Bahader, Mr. Abdur-Rahim, Mr.
Rahmat Zeb, Mr. Fazl-i-Malik and Mr. Faaiz Arbab for their extended
cooperation in the completion of this manuscript.

Ahmad Shah
B. Sc. (Hons.)