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Stephanie Ludwig Mrs. Rowe English 12A 3 February 2014 rading !

eriod 3 Literary Analysis S"ien"e is used e#eryday with ele"tri"ity$ health"are$ and te"hnology. %t "an tell us how to li#e and s"ienti&i" reasoning should play a role in so"iety by telling us what should be right and wrong. Logi" and obser#ation "an tell us not only what is but what "an be. For e'a(ple$ s"ientists "an predi"t things that will happen in the &uture based on past obser#ations. E#eryone)s house has ele"tri"ity and we rely on it all the ti(e. Mi"rowa#es$ o#ens$ re&rigerators are all based on s"ien"e. *o"tors and health "are pro&essionals would be out o& a +ob i& s"ien"e was not in#ented. ,he hu(an body is s"ien"e in itsel&. %n Fran-enstein$ the s"ientist uses s"ien"e to "reate the (onster. ,he s"ientist states$ .% be"a(e a"/uainted with the s"ien"e o& anato(y0 but this was not su&&i"ient1 % (ust also obser#e the natural de"ay and "orruption o& the hu(an body23345. %(agine a world without "ars. %ts hard to thin- about be"ause al(ost e#eryone6s dri#es and "ars would not be here i& s"ien"e wasn)t in#ented. %n Fran-enstein $ *r. Fran-enstein says$ .Fro( this day natural philosophy$ and parti"ularly "he(istry$ in the (ost "o(prehensi#e sense o& the ter($ be"a(e nearly (y sole o""upation23p.375. ,his (eans that s"ien"e be"a(e his li&e and that is all he studied. So s"ien"e "an tell so(e people how to li#e. %n the boo-$ *r. Fran-enstein li#ed e#eryday doing so(ething in#ol#ing s"ien"e. 8hen the /uestion is as-ed i& obser#ation "an tell us what should be it "an. !redi"tions are (ade all the ti(e based on past e#ents. For e'a(ple$ by obser#ing the weather one "an

(a-e a s"ienti&i" predi"tion o& what it will be li-e the ne't &ew days. 9owe#er$ so(e obser#ations and logi" "an be (isleading and the out"o(e "an not be anything li-e what was predi"ted. %& your wish is to be"o(e really a (an o& s"ien"e. and not (erely a petty e'peri(entalist$ % should ad#ise you to apply to e#ery bran"h o& natural philosophy$ in"luding (athe(ati"s23345. ,his (eans that a lot o& what students study is s"hool is also based on s"ien"e and to be a good s"ientist and learn one (ust be &a(iliar with all the bran"hes and not +ust the (ain &ield o& study the person is interested in. %n the boo-$ s"ien"e "ontrolled *r. Fran-ensteins li&e and he studied all areas. 8ithout s"ien"e$ the (odern li&e e#eryone is so used to today would not e'ist. :o heating or air "onditioning and things we ta-e &or granted. %t)s ni"e being able to use logi" and obser#ation to predi"t things in ad#an"e su"h as the weather be"ause then we -now when and how to plan our day. S"ienti&i" reasoning is an i(portant role in so"iety and s"ien"e "onsu(es *r. Fran-ensteins li&e in the boo-.

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