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Martin is now a private investor and is on the board of Canadian tech company LeoNovus.

Wigginton's main job was to rewrite BA !C so it wou"d wor# for the App"e !!$ Michae" cott to"d us in an interview. !n his post App"e%"ife he's wor#ed at eBay$ &oog"e$ Chegg$ and he's now at 'uare$ the payment startup.

Armas Clifford "Mike" Markkula, Jr. (born February 11, 1942)[1] is an American entrepreneur who was an angel investor an secon !"# o$ Apple !omputer, %nc&, provi ing early critical $un ing an managerial support& 'e was intro uce to (teve )obsan (teve *o+nia, when they were loo,ing $or $un ing to manu$acture the Apple %% personal computer they ha evelope , a$ter having sol some units o$ the $irst version o$ this computer, the Apple %& *ith his gui ance an $un ing, Apple cease to be a partnership an was incorporate as a company&

'e was lure out o$ retirement by (teve )obs, who was re$erre to him by -egis .c/enna an venture capitalist 0on 1alentine&[2] 1alentine3who a$ter meeting the young, un,empt )obs as,e .c/enna, 4*hy i you sen me this renega e $rom the human race543was not intereste in $un ing Apple, but mentione )obs6 new company to .ar,,ula&[7] )obs visite him an convince .ar,,ula o$ the mar,et $or the Apple %% an personal computers in general&[2] %n 1988, .ar,,ula brought his business e9pertise along with :(;22<,<<< (;=<,<<< as an e>uity investment in the company an ;18<,<<< as a loan) an became a one?thir owner o$ Apple an employee number @&[8] %n 2<<2, (culley en orse an investe in the *ine !lip,[@2] a wine accessory pro uct, which claims to accelerate the aeration o$ wine by e9posure to magnets& A year later he helpe in the $oun ing o$1eri$ie Aerson %nc&, an online pre?employment screening company& 'e currently serves on the boar o$ irectors& [@@] %n 2<<4, (culley Boine the boar o$ irectors at #penAea,, a ma,er o$ so$tware $or wireless consumer electronics, igital me ia, computers, an home systems& [@4] %n .arch 2<<7, (culley was name !hairman o$ % enCrust ($ormerly 0igital (ignature Crust !ompany) a (an Francisco base $irm $ocusing on veri$ying i entity an boosting $inancial security& [@2] %n the same year, )ohn (culley became a 1enture Aartner at -ho 1entures&