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English 2850 LGBTQ Studies Spring Semester 2014 Salt Lake C mmunit!

! C llege "#$% &'( )r *ess r+ Email+ 0**i/e+ )h ne+ 0**i/e #rs+ =riting Center+ ,llis n -ernle! Allison.Fernley@slcc.edu )lease use this email t get the .ui/kest resp nse 1ed2 d3Ta!l rs4ille Campus% 1 m 5,B 158

801365734879 T 8+80 3 4+80: 0nline+ ;<= 6+00 3 11+00 "use email r Can4as Chat(% and >! app intment? T 1+80 8+80: Th 1+80 2+80 "5,B 127( "Starting @anuar! 19( "Call the =riting Center * r an app intment+ 801?657?4868?% r 4isit http+<<222?sl//?edu<s2/<indeA?aspA(

TEBTS Finding Out: An Introduction to LGBT Studies, by Deborah T. Meem, Michelle A. Gibson. & Jonathan Alexander. Los An eles! "a e, #$%$. Stone Butch Blues, by Leslie Feinber . Alyson &oo's, #$$(. )ariety o* other readin s to be assi ned a+ailable on ,an+as -e. ., .&ro'ebac' Mountain/0. 0pti nal: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, by Alison &echdel, Mariner &oo's, #$$1, or Are You My Mother, also by Alison &echdel. C0$1SE &ESC15)T50C 2ntroduction to 3ostmodern and 4ueer theories o* ender construction as seen in literature and *ilm, be innin 5ith the history o* heterosexism and 4uestionin modern 6" society7s treatment o* Gay, Lesbian, &isexual, and Trans endered 3eo3le. 89:;LLM89T 29 T<2" ,;6:"8 2M=L28" 9;T<29G A&;6T T<8 "T6D89T7" "8>6AL ;:289TAT2;9. C0$1SE G0,LS ;ne o* the most di+isi+e issues in modern 6" American culture is ay ri hts, s3eci*ically issues such as ay marria e, the military?s *ormer @don7t as'. don7t tell,@ ay ado3tion, hate crimes le islation, and so *orth. "uch issues enerate co3ious debate, o*ten set u3 alon reli ious or 3olitical lines 5ithout considerin the 4uestions that under3in the debate! Does ender really existA Bhy are some enders 3ri+ile ed o+er others in 6" American societyA <o5 is ender

decidedA &iolo yA =sycholo yA "ociolo yA Are there only t5o distinct se3arate endersA Bhat is the history o* sameCsex orientations and enderC+ariantDnonCcon*ormin identitiesA Bho has the authority to s3ea' about these matters and ho5 do they et that authorityA Are literary and media re3resentations o* l bt4 3eo3le accurateDhel3*ulDharm*ulA These 4uestions are not easily ans5ered, es3ecially i* one considers other times and other cultures. <omosexuality had an im3ortant 3lace in ancient Gree' and :oman societies, and 5as acce3ted throu hout much o* Ja3anese and ,hinese history, thou h it 5as not 'no5n as @homosexuality.@ 2t *lo5ered at certain times in early 2slamic culture. =rior to 8uro3ean con4uest o* the Americas and the A*rican continent, ender +ariation and sameCsex beha+ior 5ere 5ides3read and acce3tedDtolerated. Those called @trans+estites,@ .transsexuals,/ or @trans endered@ in the 6.". are called di**erent thin s in other cultures! @5aria@ in 2ndonesia, @'athoey@ in Thailand, @hassas@ in Morocco, @bayot@ in the =hili33ines, @'itesha@ in 3arts o* the ,on o, @*a7a*a*ine@ in "amoa, .hiEras/ in 2ndia, and @berdache@ or .t5oCs3irits/ amon 9ati+e Americans. Those so identi*ied recei+e +aryin le+els o* acce3tance and e+en honor 5ithin the i+en culture. ;ne 2ndonesia culture identi*ies F enders, and American biolo ist and ender studies 3ro*essor Anne FaustoC"terlin identi*ies *i+e sexes. The lar er 3oint is that sexual and ender @otherness@ has existed always and everywhere, but is constrained by binary -eitherDor0 thin'in in much o* the 5orld. This course examines a +ariety o* lensesDdiscoursesG that ha+e been used to studyD'no5Dre3resent LG&TH 3eo3le! <istory :eli ionDTheolo y "exolo y, =sychiatry, =sycholo y, Medicine =olitics, La5, Judiciary Fiction, Memoir, =o3 ,ulture textsDre3resentations Hueer Theory G.Discourse/ re*ers to the lan ua e in 5hich a subEect or area o* 'no5led e is discussed or a certain 'ind o* business is transacted. <uman 'no5led e is collected and structured in discourses -theolo y, medicine, 3olitics, sexuality, literary criticism, etc. -Mur*in and :ay0. Discourses are 3art o* social systems and so ha+e determinin e**ects in social li*e. ;+erall, the course challen es the cultural norm o* binary ender discourses usin 3ostmodernD3ostCstructuralist notions! ender is socially constructed social norms are not eternal and unchan in and canDshould be 4uestionedI sexual 3ractices do not determine ender binary ender roles are illo ical, unnecessarily constricti+e, under ird 3ri+ile e and lead to discrimination. Be 5ill ta'e a 4uestionC3osin a33roach to our readin s, 3resentations, and discussionsI *or exam3le!

Bhy and ho5 ha+e heterosexual 3ri+ile e and heteronormati+ity dominated human historyA Bhat exactly is 4ueer theory and 5hat can it doA <o5 does one res3ond to on oin sexual 3reEudice, heterosexism, and homo3hobiaA Bhy does a culture that, on 3a3er, belie+es .all Men are created e4ual@ still allo5 o3en discrimination a ainst some rou3sA 2 5ould also li'e this course to ta'e on the 4uestions and con*licts you 5ould li'e to 3ursue, so 5e 5ill 5or' on that be innin on the *irst day. At the end o* the class you should! 6nderstand the history and roots o* heterosexism and ender o33ression in the 6", and also in Bestern ,ulture, as 5ell as +arious mo+ements a ainst o33ression. 6se 4ueer theories to deconstruct socially constructed ideas o* 5hat constitutes .normal/ sexualD ender identities as seen in cultural arti*acts such as memoirs, no+els, short stories, 3oetry, *ilm and other media and be able to examine and criti4ue texts to understand their 3o5er to sha3e societies and cultures. =ractice criticalCthin'in s'ills both in classroom discussion and 5ritten 5or' to understand di+erse o3inions and +alues 5hile ree+aluatin and learnin to su33ort 3ersonal +ie5s. 6nderstand 5hat it means to be a endered human and that 5e all embody the @other@ to someoneI de+elo3 the tools to ex3ress e+ol+in understandin s o* 3ersonal bias and societal 3ri+ile eI and critically examine ideas that could lead the 6" to5ards bein a more acce3tin , multicultural society. Disclaimer! This course is meant to hel3 adult students challen e social constructs o* ender and sexuality. &oth the readin s and the *ilms are intended *or mature audiences and contain lan ua e, ima es and ideas that may be o**ensi+e to some. ,onsider yoursel* *ore5arnedJ C0$1SE 1EQ$51E;ECTS ,C& G1,&5CG Kour rade in the course 5ill be determined as *ollo5s! Daily Bor' -3re3, 3artici3ation, 5ritten 5or', etc.0! Midterm 8xam Final 8xam! =resentations =a3er and re*lection -to be included in eC=ort*olios0 L$M %FM #$M %FM #$M %$$M The resentations 5ill ta'e u3 issues 5e don?t co+er or *ully co+er in our readin s that you 5ould li'e to research *urther. =ast 3roEects ha+e co+ered issues such as ay marria e, comin

out, 4ueer s3orts *i ures, A2D"D<2), biolo ical ex3lanations *orDresearch into sexual orientation, intersexuality, bisexuality, hate crimes, 3olitics and le islation, acti+ism, sex education, +arious *ilmma'ersD5ritersD3oets, etc. The a er 5ill as' you to ta'e a *iction, 3oetry, or 3o3 culture text and examineDcriti4ue it by a33lyin 5hat 5e learn about 4ueer theory and re3resentations. 2t 5ill ha+e a thesis that you su33ort 5ith ar uments that o beyond your o5n res3onses. Kou 5ill also 5rite a re*lection on 5hat you ha+e learned by 5ritin this 3a3er. Kou 5ill 3lace your 3resentation, your 3a3er, and your re*lection in your e=ort*olio. !re aration! Kou are ex3ected to read each text selection and 3re3are all 5ritin assi ned ahead o* the class 3eriod in 5hich it 5ill be discussed -such 5or' should be ty3ed0. Kou 5ill be 4uiNNed on readin s and re4uired to brin to class 4uestions *or discussion o* our readin . Kou are re4uired to indicate your 3re3aration by 3artici3atin in discussion. This is ho5 your attendance 5ill be counted as a *actor! you 3artici3ate 5illin ly and ener etically in e+ery class 3eriod, 5hether in small rou3 or 5hole rou3 discussion. Attendance! 8n lish de3artment 3olicy sti3ulates that at least tenC3ercent o* your *inal rade 5ill be based on your in+ol+ement in class. More than tenC3ercent o* unexcused absences -L class sessions0 5ill result in a reduction o* one hal* a letter rade *or the course. To earn at least a , in this course, you must com3lete all maEor assi nments on time -exams, 3resentation, 3a3er0. &ecause 2 +alue your in+ol+ement in this course, 2 5ill be ta'in attendance each day. Late "or#: 2* you miss class, 3lease contact another class member *or s3eci*ics o* 5hat you missed. Bhile 2 do not acce3t late 5or' in this course, 2 reco niNe 5e all ha+e crises 5e cannot *oresee. Accordin ly, you can turn in t5o daily assi nments late 5ith 9o Huestions As'ed -9HA0. Just 5rite 9HA at the to3 o* your 3ostin . =lease let me 'no5 o* any medical or 5or' related issues be*orehand, and 5e 5ill try to resol+e them. Late 2 rk 2ill >e due 2ithin 48 h urs * the riginal due date. An incom3lete can only be i+en in extreme circumstances and only i* you ha+e satis*actorily com3leted O$M o* the class 5or'. Di$ersity %ourse: &ecause this is a Di+ersity course, 5e 5ill be discussin ideas and conce3ts that may be di**icult *or you to s3ea' about. Di+ersity courses are su33osed to challen e your assum3tions and 4uestion your biases by examinin the history, contributions o* and challen es con*rontin di+erse rou3s 5ithin the 6"?s multicultural society. 2n an academic community all +ie53oints 5ill be and should be critically interro ated. Be *oster the *ree exchan e o* ideas in an atmos3here o* mutual res3ect, in an inclusi+e classroom, as these *orm necessary conditions *or e**ecti+e learnin . All +ie53oints are 5elcome, 5ith the understandin that 5e 5ill stri+e to challen e our o5n cultural biases, understand ne5 3ers3ecti+es and ideas, and bac' u3 our o3inions and ideas 5ith 5ellCsu33orted, reasonable ar uments. C0LLEGE C0C&$CT )0L5CD )lagiarism Kou commit 3la iarism 5hen you submit another author?s 5or' as your o5n. =la iarism also includes the *ailure to attribute uni4ue 3hrases, 3assa es, or ideas to their ori inal source. 2* you commit 3la iarism you 5ill recei+e an automatic .8/ *or that assi nment or an .8? *or the course, de3endin u3on the se+erity o* the in*raction. 2* you ha+e 4uestions about e**ecti+ely usin and citin sources, 3lease let me 'no5.

=la iarism is a +iolation o* the "L,, "tudent ,ode -see "tudent ,ode o* ,onduct under the Supp rt tab at to3 ,an+as menu0. 2 5ill also as' that 5e *ollo5 the *ollo5in *rom the ,ode o* ,onduct! .Any ex3ression o* hatred or 3reEudice is inconsistent 5ith the 3ur3oses o* hi her education in a *ree society. "o lon as intolerance exists in any *orm in the lar er society, it 5ill be an issue on the ,olle e ,am3uses. "alt La'e ,ommunity ,olle e is committed to maintainin an en+ironment *ree *rom 3reEudice./ The bottom line is that 5e treat no oneDno rou3 as .less than./ Also, 3lease remo+e ear3hones and turn o** cell 3hones and 3a ers. ,ell 3hone rin in , constant chec'in o* messa es, or textin 5ill result in your bein counted absent *or that day. ADA Statement+ "tudents 5ith medical, 3sycholo ical, learnin or other disabilities desirin accommodations or ser+ices under ADA must contact the Disability :esource ,enter -D:,0. The D:, determines eli ibility *or and authoriNes the 3ro+ision o* these accommodations and ser+ices *or the colle e. =lease contact the D:, at the "tudent ,enter, "uite #((, :ed5ood ,am3us. =hone! -O$%0 PF1C(QFP, TTK! PF1C(Q(Q, Fax! PF1C (P(1 or by email! linda.bennett@slcc.edu General Edu/ati n e) rt* li General Edu/ati n e) rt* li R8ach student in General 8ducation courses at "L,, maintains a General 8ducation e=ort*olio. 2nstructors in e+ery Gen 8d course 5ill as' you to 3ut at least one assi nment *rom the course into your e=ort*olio, and accom3any it 5ith re*lecti+e 5ritin . 5t is a re.uirement in this /lass * r ! u t add t ! ur e) rt* li , and the schedule details the assi nments and re*lections you are to include. Kour e=ort*olio 5ill allo5 you to include your educational oals, describe your extracurricular acti+ities, and 3ost your resume. Bhen you *inish your time at "L,,, your e=ort*olio 5ill then be a multiCmedia sho5case o* your educational ex3erience. For detailed in*ormation +isit htt3!DD555.slcc.eduD enedDe3ort*olio. A*ter you ha+e 3ic'ed an e=ort*olio 3lat*orm, o to the corres3ondin hel3 site to 5atch the tutorials and loo' at the exam3les so you can et started on your o5n! htt3s!DDsites. oo le.comDsiteDslcce3ort htt3!DDslcce3ort*olio.5ord3ress.com htt3!DDslcce3ort*olio.5eebly.com 2* you 5ould li'e to start your e=ort*olio in a com3uter lab 5ith a 3erson there to hel3 you, si n u3 online *or one o* the *ree 2 rksh ps at the Taylors+illeC:ed5ood library! htt3!DDlib5eb.slcc.eduDser+icesD*ormsDe3ort*olio. Kou may also +isit an e) rt* li La> -in the Taylors+illeC:ed5ood Library L2& $(1 as 5ell as in <T, %$#a on the Jordan ,am3us0 durin business hours, and sta** 5ill hel3 you 5ithout an a33ointment. Finally, 4uestions re ardin the e=ort*olio can be directed to e3ort*olio@slcc.edu.