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1. Listen to the audio track

2. Do the gap fill activity Sumis: introduces Greta to Pablo Greta: is German Pablo: is Argentinian

3. Do the gap fill typing activity Sumis: Hi, Pablo. How are you? Pablo: Hi, sumis. Im fine, thanks. Sumis: Pablo, this is Greta Pablo: Hi, Greta I am Pablo Greta: Hi, how are you? Pablo: Im fine, thanks. Where are you from, Greta? Greta: Im from Germany. Where are you from? Pablo: Im from Argentinian. Nice to meet you. Greta: nice to meet you too.

4. 5.

6. Discussion What questions do you like to ask when you meet new people?

What is your name How old are you Where do you live Do you have boyfriend Do you like sport What is your favorite sport What is your favorite music