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American National Book Awards

The National Book Awards rank alongside the Pulitzer Prizes as the most significant accolades in American literary life. They have been presented annually since 1 !"# and administered by the National Book $oundation# a publishing industry organization# since 1 % . &inners each receive a bronze sculpture and '1"#"""# although the award(s greatest benefit is often in increased sales# especially when little)known authors are suddenly thrust into the spotlight. The winners 2009 2008 2007

*olum +c*ann , -et the .reat &orld /pin T. 0. /tiles# The $irst Tycoon, The 1pic -ife of *ornelius 2anderbilt 3eith &aldrop# Transcendental /tudies, A Trilogy Phillip 4oose# *laudette *olvin, Twice Toward 0ustice

Peter +atthiessen# /hadow *ountry The 4emingses of +onticello, An American $amily +ark 5oty# $ire to $ire, New and *ollected Poems 0udy Blundell, &hat 6 /aw and 4ow 6 -ied

$iction, 7Tree of /moke#8 by 5enis 0ohnson Nonfiction, 7-egacy of Ashes#8 by Tim &einer Poetry, 7Time and +aterials#8 by 9obert 4ass :oung People(s -iterature, 7The Absolutely True 5iary of a Part)Time 6ndian#8 by /herman Ale;ie


$iction, 7The 1cho +aker#8 by 9ichard Powers Nonfiction, 7The &orst 4ard Time#8 by Timothy 1gan Poetry, 7/play Anthem#8 Nathaniel +ackey :oung People(s -iterature, 7The Astonishing -ife of <ctavian Nothing#8 by +.T. Anderson



$iction, 71urope *entral#8 by &illiam T. 2ollmann Nonfiction, 7The :ear of +agical Thinking#8 by 0oan 5idion Poetry, 7+igration#8 &./. +erwin :oung People(s -iterature, 7The Penderwicks8 by 0eanne Birdsall


$iction, 7The News from Paraguay#8 by -ily Tuck Nonfiction, 7Arc of 0ustice#8 by 3evin Boyle Poetry, 75oor in the +ountain#8 0ean 2alentine :oung People(s -iterature, 7.odless#8 by Pete 4autman