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Date: To, Mr. __________ M/s _______________ Chartered Accountants ----------------------, ------------------------, ---------------------.

Sir, Sub: Appointment as Auditor for the financial year 2013-1 . We are pleased to inform you that your firm has been appointed as Auditors of our Company for conducting the audit under Section 22 of the Companies Act, !"#$, %ide the resolution passed at the Annual&eneral 'eeting of the Shareholders (hich (as held on )))))))))))))))))). We (ill be grateful if you (ould *indly intimate to +,C about your appointment in prescribed format and furnish us the S+- for future reference along (ith your acceptance of this appointment. Than*ing .ou, .ours /aithfully, !or Sushma "uild#ell $ri%ate &imited 'irector

0+1S,231D T4AT M/s ______________ Chartered Accountants 5/irm +eg.no.------------6 be and is hereby appointed as the auditors of the company in place of the retiring auditors M/s (.(. )hopra * )o. Chartered Accountants 5/irm +eg.no -----------6 to hold the office of the auditors till the conclusion of the ne7t annual general meeting on such remuneration as may be determined by the 8oard of directors of the company.9