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Michigan ASCD Curriculum Leaders Institute Cohort 5, Day #5: Quality Instruction / Policy

Post Assessment
M L! "uilding, #$$# Centennial %ay, Suite &$$, Lansing, MI 'uesday, March (, )$#)
Post Session Assessment 1. What is your current definition of good instruction and how will you grow it in your work? My definition of good instruction begins by believing all students can learn at a high level. Beginning with this central idea is how a teacher can then work to find the appropriate instructional techniques and assessments to move individuals forward in their learning. From this basis, good instruction includes engaging work appropriately scaffolded and assessed by the teacher. elevance to the student and the world around is also a necessary component. !tudents of today can find most rote facts that they want with the internet. "hat today#s learners need is application opportunities to work with information and ideas. "e are preparing today#s youth for $obs that may not even e%ist yet. "e need to teach them to be effective problem solvers and synthesi&ers of information. !tudents should not have to 'sit and get' and teachers should be providing e%periences for them in the classroom. (. Thinking of all the things that impact student learning, how will you balance those that are within your control and those outside your control? ) believe you need to focus on what you can control. ) also believe that a district must dig deep and be careful to recogni&e all the areas they can control. )n my opinion, it is essential to create *+,s and t) groups to follow individual student achievement as well as attendance patterns for all kids but especially for 'at risk' kids. -ttendance is one of those factors that schools or teachers often place in the 'can#t control' &one. -lthough it is e%tremely difficult to influence factors like this, it can be helpful if there is a team of caring adults with a focus on identified students. "ith focused effort, even our toughest cases can learn at a high level. ) truly believe we need to operate with the assumption that some things may not be totally within our control, but may be affected by actions we take. )f we operate under this assumption, then we will continually look for solutions, and be creative in how we approach today#s learners and all of their unique backgrounds.

3. Of all the aspects of student learning that are within your control, what is your focus My focus is continuous process improvement. "hat ) mean by this is using the *+, culture to constantly evaluate current student data as well as long term trends to make instructional changes for each group teachers are with. ) have seen targeted, effective *+, work enhance student achievement greatly. ) fully believe in this process. .his is my focus for my district. "e began *+, work at the high school four years ago and have seen a significant increase in mathematics achievement, and are beginning to see gains in reading, and science as well. .his is a result of using data to drive systematic instructional decisions that allowed teachers to collect classroom level data and set mastery goals for their students. "e are seeing results and ) believe that this is vital. .his year ) gave the B/0 some background on the *+, process showed them the effects and asked that they support five early releases of students for our teachers to have time together to work through this. .hey agreed and our secondary staff is moving forward. )t is a central piece of my ,hange )nitiative to now train a leadership team of teachers in the specific skills set of leading *+,s so that we can create capacity to monitor and promote *+, work. .his is the biggest factor in having control over student achievement. !ournals As the learning from this session relates to your "hange #nitiati$e Process, please write 3%& paragraphs on each of the following' 1. "hat are some possible e%tensions of this learning, which could directly improve your work in this area? (. "hat are some e%amples of your work in this area? 1. "hat evidence e%ists of the impact of the work you are doing in this area, especially as it relates to your ,hange )nitiative *rocess?