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February 23, 2014 Re: Post Dramatic Capitulation Propaganda Esteemed !

nce upon a time t"ere #as a rainbo# connection $"e damned t"ing #as colored $"en all a sudden it is c"arged %o# you &ap a leprec"aun #it" t"at and see #"at "appens #"en "e goes 'or gold( )our rainbo# co*enant is o*er me ne*er( +omeone,s coming bac- #it" 'ire or not(. $"e "ate t"at #as peac" is no# plum cra&y $"e la&y susan spins 'or my c"ec$"e beans are /umping in 0e1ico so 2 can in"erit 'i'teen dollar co''ee Pantalones y &apatos are on sale near you and your bread 'ails $"e cart t"at is be'ore your 3orse al#ays goes 'irst 4mericans are earners not turners $"e rest o' t"e #orld cares ne*er about #"ite bread $"e bust is on your stigma $"e talents t"at $"e 5ord increased 'or t"e gentile and /e# are dandled ne*er but s#iped $"e *ineyard "as 0e1ican #or-ers ma-ing more t"an you can a''ord )our pi&&a mig"t "a*e snot in it 4nd t"e EP4 "as no# decided t"at t"e rainbo# is to be plugged into only lesbian,s stic-er lic-ers Fact is t"e Es-imo is le't out in t"e cold