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Journalism Syllabus

Lake High School Journalism 2013-2014

Writing well means never having to say, I guess you had to be there. ~ Jef Mallett

Welcome to Journalism! In this class, we will work together to discover the different ways people produce and use news media.
Course Description: th Journalism is an introductory course designed to familiarize 8 graders with the media world. This course covers the history of journalism, ethics and laws, and the writing process (drafting, editing, proofreading and publishing). Students will develop and produce a variety of journalistic media. Grading policy: Because journalism is a time sensitive career, all assignments must be turned in on time or early in order to accommodate deadlines and production. Please be respectful of your classmates by doing your part. We will use a variety of assessments to come to a final grade in this class. Homework, bellwork, quizzes, participation, and publications will be the most common types of grades. Stay on track with your assignments. If you need help, talk to me earlier rather than later. Class Rules -

Required Materials: Spiral notebook (any cover, college ruled) Loose-leaf notebook paper 3-ring binder and dividers Colored pen (any color other than blue or black) 1+ GB USB jump drive

Grading scale: A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F 50-59

Teacher Information:
Mrs. Schauwecker
TSchauwecker@LakeSchools.org 419-661-6640 ext. 3819

NO STUDENTS BEHIND MY DESK EVER! Be Courteous Simply, be nice. Do not call people names, belittle, bully, disrespect, etc. This class will be a place where all students feel comfortable saying what is on your minds. The essence of the English language, and studying it, is based upon discussions. We will have scores of discussions that will offend and/or cause disagreements this is okay! Just remember you must be nice when disagreeing. Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions; for opinions in good men is but knowledge in the making. ~ John Milton

All Handbook Rules Apply You must follow the rules of the Student Handbook in my classroom. This includes no food or drinks except with medical permission or for special events or presentations.

What to Do When Absent If you are absent, please do not disturb the class by coming up and asking me for your missed handouts. Check the agenda board to see what we did the day of your absence. If you have an assignment due on a day that youre absent, do your best to email me the article or upload it to Google docs. Remember, others are counting on your contributions. Participate

In order for us to have an exciting and educational class, everyone will have to contribute their ideas, opinions, and talents. Because I m a real meanie when it comes to people bullying others, expressing your thoughts and ideas will not be an issue in this class. Everyone will feel safe in here at all times.


Never steal the work or ideas of others. I will teach you how to properly cite all of your quotes and research. Be sure to do it correctly. If you wrote an amazing article or took a fabulous picture, you wouldnt want someone else saying they did it, so dont do it to someone else.

Ask for Help

Dont panic if youre stuck or dont know what to do! Dont tell your parents Im an evil ogre who wants to fail you! I want to help! Unless I have a meeting to attend, I will have tutoring hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You may also contact me via email: TSchauwecker@lakeschools.org

Procedures: Enter the classroom on time, quietly and ready to work. Keep all work in your Journalism binder. Work you are turning in should include your name, class period, date, and assignment title. Turn off all electronics before entering the classroom. For all alarms and drills (fire, lock-down, tornado) DO NOT leave the classroom until I say to do so. SILENT IN THE HALL, NOT QUIET IN THE HALL!

Its your story. Make it amazing!