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The Great Gatsby Essay Topics (50 points) Choose one topic to write a 2-3 page essay.

See the rubric below for how I am grading you. 1. Choose two characters that are foils (opposites) and discuss their purpose and roles in the no el. !hat purpose does it ser e for the characters being so different" !hat does it add to the plot of the story" 2. #ow does $atsby represent the %merican dream" !hat does the no el ha e to say about the condition of the %merican dream in the 1&2's" In what ways do the themes of dreams( wealth( and time relate to each other in the no el)s e*ploration of the idea of %merica" 3. +iscuss some of ,he $reat $atsby)s most important symbols and what they represent. !hat does the no el ha e to say about the role of symbols in life" -. .*plore the character of /ic0. #ow are readers supposed to feel about him" In what ways does he come off as reliable or unreliable" 1. ,hroughout the story( $atsby has difficulty accepting that the past is o er and done with. !here do you find e idence of his trying to recapture the past" !hat does this say about him" 2. +oes $atsby deser e to be called 3$reat4" In what ways is he great" In what ways is he not" In the end( which wins out5 greatness or mediocrity" 6. #ow is the writing in no el The Great Gatsby considered modern" 7efer to specific modern features in 8it9gerald:s writing. 8ormat5 2-3 pages typed double spaced 12 pt font in %rial or ,imes intro( body( and conclusion ;uotes in the middle of the paragraph complete analysis of ;uotes or paraphrase at the end of the body paragraphs Content5 uses at least 3 specific e*amples from the no el uses at least 2 ;uotes from the no el responds to all aspects of the topic shows understanding of the topic with the use of e*amples and e*planation <anguage5 fluency of language few spelling and grammar errors comple*ity of sentence structure and thoughts use of ageappropriate ocabulary and synta* Complete the following outline to help you plan your essay. Intro =ody 1 $eneral statement (introduce topic to reader)5 ,hesis (7eword your topic by ma0ing a claim)5 , . % , . % , . % 7estate claim using different words5 !hat should the reader now belie e according to your proof"

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